CM War Room Lovefest in New York


How I Started the Lovefest

(Or, why argue with people you have never met, when you can come to NYC and argue with them in person?)

Exactly what I was thinking as I perused CM’s Saint Thomas More room for the first time a few months back. After all, I thought, arguing with disembodied voices is often the definition of insanity, no?

I don’t know. Maybe it’s because I come from an opinionated family. Maybe it’s because arguing with perfect strangers was such a novelty. Whatever the reason, it wasn’t long before I, too, was sucked in. With provocative threads like:

“If your town was being poisoned, wouldn't you want to know?”


“Would Jesus Pull the Switch?”


“Do Democrats Hate Christians?”

I just had to add my two cents.

It started slowly, with a caustic aside here and there. Then, I found that I had to explain my views more fully. Soon, I began to learn about the ancient rivalries and in-jokes among the denizens of the “War Room.” All arguing –sometimes good-naturedly, often hilariously – about whatever struck their fancy at the moment.

And it’s not just Americans. No sirree. I’ve debated Brits, Aussies, Mexicans, Brazilians – even Canadians – about nearly every topic under the sun.

Eventually, though, I began to learn more about these people – computer guys, teachers, nurses, airline pilots, military people, financial types. I even met a few people, and began to notice that we all talked about other War Room debaters as if we actually knew each other!

So this is how the “Lovefest” started; it was natural human curiosity that prompted us to make a joke out the idea in the War Room.

“What would happen if we all got together?”

Paintball fight? Street riots? A Lovefest?

Apparently, people are intrigued by the idea because it's morphed into THE mega-event that EVERYONE from Catholic Match wants to attend!

This Martin Luther King weekend, CM members from all over the United States, Europe and Canada are coming to Manhattan, the world capital of glamour.

We plan to have a great time touring NYC landmarks, seeing a Broadway play, attending Mass at St Patrick's Cathedral, eating terrific food and arguing politics, sex and religion with all of our friends (new and old) from the War Room, as well as those brave enough to come in from any of the other CM Forums!

The price is right, and there's even some financial help available for those who need it to attend (courtesy of your fellow CM members). (This event is not officially sponsored by Catholic Match. It’s just a group of us crazy enough to think that we will enjoy each other’s company one wickedly cold weekend in Manhattan!)

If you’re interested, check it out on the Events Calendar.

Fantastic rooms at cheap rates are limited, so book NOW!


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