God’s Good Choice


God's Good Choice

When Rene emailed me during Holy Week
2005 I was struck by the sincerity and thougtfulness of his note…he
noticed what other men typically hadn't. He noticed the real me–beyond
looks and education he noticed my heart. I was delighted to reply to
him, though I believed we had friendship potential only. I'd come to
accept that marriage was probably not God's will for me. We exchanged
several friendly emails through Easter and cried with each other over
JPII's passing. I knew he was someone special when he sent me the most
beautiful prayers he wrote and prayed for me. They touched me deeply.
When he suggested the coffee date that almost never happened (another
story), I was happy to meet a new friend. He claims he "knew" I was
right for him after those first few hours together. We discovered how
much we have in common, where we've been in our faith journeys, where
we hope to go–most importantly our love for God. But it wasn't until
about a month later and several days spent together that I saw him in a
different light. I realized he was more than a friend when he asked me
to go shopping with him for reasonably priced patio furniture–a sign
of true commitment in Canada. 😉 He proposed and I accepted on July
21st, my birthday, after three beautiful days in Banff together where
he planned every romantic aspect of it. He is everything I could have
asked for and more and because I see Jesus in his eyes, I know without
doubt that Rene is God's good choice for me. I'm proud to wear his
beautiful ring. We hope to have our wedding mass in April 2006.

will be wed on May 13th at St Martha's parish in Lethbridge, Alberta.
Any CMers who know us are most welcome to join us. Thank you CM for
your ministry to Catholic singles. Both of us are grateful for this
community. God bless.

6/9/06 Update–We were
married on Saturday, May 13th–a perfect warm day with best friends and
immediate family in attendance. Our wedding mass at St Martha's was
lovely–ecentred on Christ and His love for the Church–intimate and

We thank God with all our hearts–for His love and for
showing it to us in the flesh by bringing us into each other's lives.
Thanks also to CM for being the means that God used in our lives. CM
will be hard to give up, so we will check in from time to time to pray
for our friends here.


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