Love Stronger Then Distance


We are thrilled to announce that we will be married…

and I met on Catholic Match in January, 2004. Upon John learning that I
reside in Omaha, he answered with a question (as all people do in
regards to Omaha). "Omaha?" But then, I wasn't exactly familiar with
San Luis Obispo, either.

we have learned and found since then is our incredible love for each
other and our children. The fact that John and I met through a Catholic
site is not surprising to us and in fact, very fitting, as our love for
the Church and faith practice is so important.

the distance (1,600 miles) was an obvious factor, it definately
couldn't overcome what was already well established; our foundation of
faith in the Church and love for our children and family. We are
thrilled to announce that we will be married July 1, 2006 at St.
Wenceslaus Catholic Church in Omaha, Nebraska. Thank you to Catholic
Match for providing such a great service! -Cindy and John


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