Pursuing All Angles


Our Lord's will is perfect and the tools He gives us are amazing. I
knew without a doubt that the man God created for me was out there
somewhere. I just didn't know where, or who he was, or when we would
meet. I wasn't convinced that Catholic Match would help me find him but
I decided to try.

Well, I was only half right! Our Lord did use Catholic Match but
Bobby found me. To find the one created just for me has been an
incredible experience. To know that this is the man God intended for me
since before time began leaves me speechless. Our relationship is
similar to many, we corresponded via computer for awhile, we talked for
hours and hours everyday for two months before meeting in person. Then
we traveled between Colorado and Florida for several months. We talked
about everything. As our relationship grew and the more I got to know
about Bobby I began to realize that not only did our Lord meet the
expectations I had set for my future husband, He surpased them, and by
mid August I knew that Bobby was the man I wanted to spend the rest of
my life with. On September 9, 2005, 4 months after first meeting on
Catholic Match, before the Altar at the Cathedral in Denver, Bobby
asked me to marry him. I simply responded, "Of course."

We will thank our Lord every day for the incredible blessing of our
relationship and Catholic Match, who He used to span 1,800 miles to
bring us together. All my prayers, Kerry


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