At Ease With Each Other


A little more than a year from our first chat on CM, and having made
several trips to Mexico and the USA that wonderful day finally
arrived–On Dec 28 of '05 we were married.

We both knew after
the first time we met that it was a meeting somehow arranged by our
Lord. Everything has been very easy in our relationship. We make each
other better people, and that's what we were looking for in a lifelong
partner. We know it takes dedication, hard work, faith, and the most
important ingredient in a marriage is….LOVE. We both love each other
very much, and we only accentuate the positives in one another.

we'd like to thank Our Lord first for making this possible, and CM for
doing his work and allowing us to meet. Without His hand and CM, we
would probably still be alone. We ask you to remember us and all
marriages in your prayers, because it's not easy, but we both believe
that with God all things are possible.


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