Right Next Door


I (Ed) started writing Marlene In October of 2004, and we met on
January 2, 2005 in town. We have each lived and worked in Greensboro,
NC, for about ten years and even lived two buildings apart in the same
apartment complex for three of those years, but never met.

have a lot of interests in common –birdwatching, ballet, classical
music, coffee houses, cats, and healthy eating. Each of us is a convert
to Catholicism, and we are both scientists! We value attending mass
several times a week when possible, and pray the rosary. We've dated
consistently over the year, and known for almost all of that time that
God has us for each other.

We became engaged on October 30, in
Raleigh, after a ballet, and today (January 2, 2006) is our one-year
anniversary. We wish to share with our Catholic Match family, our
testimony of God's goodness.


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  1. Shadrack-657204 December 5, 2010 Reply

    GOD i thank you! I HOPE to share such testimony in future IN THIS CATHOLICMATCH.COM

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