Their Own Backyard


Joey and I (Ana) met on Catholic Match a year and three months ago. It
was amazing; we lived five minutes away from each other and didn't even
know it! We went to the same school and had the same friends.

began dating in November, and in February Joseph asked me to marry him.
It was so beautiful! I had no idea that he was planning on doing it so
soon. That day we went to a baseball game and then to our favorite
park. We started walking around, and all of sudden he stopped, got on
one knee and asked me to married him. I was so happy; I couldn't wait
to start my new life with this amazing guy!

The planning for the
wedding began and finally the day came. We got married on January 7,
2006 at St. Vincent de Paul's Catholic Church. The ceremony was
beautiful! We had our reception at the Crowne Plaza and went on our
honeymoon to Disney World in Orlando. Today, we've been married for a
month and everything is so wonderful. We are looking forward to
starting a family soon. I'm so thankful to God for giving me this
amazing opportunity to meet the most incredible man in this world.


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