Faith On Tap in Long Island


Being a young adult and staying true to the Catholic faith
has never been an easy challenge to meet. The allures of worldly pleasures can
seem tempting to the young mind and it’s not unusual for Catholics to be in
situations where even the most casual night out can be fraught with occasions
of sin. But there is an answer–groups like Long Island’s
Faith On Tap are looking to make the
lives of Catholic young adults a little bit better.

Faith On Tap is a
group of twenty and thirtysomethings that gather monthly at the Wantagh Inn, a
pub in the Long Island area, to hear a talk on
various issues of faith and morals affecting young Catholics. Past speakers
have included George Rutler of EWTN fame, and Father John Harvey–a man who has
done heroic work in helping those afflicted by the homosexuality disorder to
recover and live happy lives. Other presentations have been given by Bill
Donohue of the The Catholic League, and this spring’s agenda sees popular
Theology of the Body author/speaker Christopher West coming to town.

This work is similar to what Theology on Tap does
nationwide. It brings Catholicism to people in a relaxed setting that
encourages not only spiritual and intellectual growth, but the development of
community and relationships. Faith On Tap
counts married and engaged couples who met through their activities amongst the

All of this is impressive in its own right, but Faith on Tap has gone further and offers
coffee houses for its members to attend and they bring in musicians to perform.
Other events have included a trip to the legendary jazz club, The Blue Note,
and a boat ride along the Long Island coast.

Friendship and fun can help Faith come alive in our world
today. Faith on Tap provides all
three. For more information visit the CM Events Calendar.


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