The Voice of God


Andrew: It was back in
November 2004 when I was about to give up with CM, when all of a sudden
I received a Friendship Request from Fany. I thought I had seen her
profile before, and had meant to go back to read it in more detail. So
I accepted, and from that day, we started exchanging regular emails. It
went on like this for around a month. Then we exchanged telephone
numbers. I called Fany for the first time, feeling quite nervous about
it, but whenshe answered I couldn't hear her properly. She was sick and
couldn't speak! I told her I would call again in a week, which I did,
and things just got better from then on.

I still remember clearly the first time he called me. It was December
19th, 2004. I was pretty sick 😛 When answering my mobile phone, I only
said "Sorry, I can’t speak now, would you mind calling me later?
Thanks, bye"….Days after, I felt sort of guilty and thinking he would
never call me ever again 😀 But he did. Since then he called me at
least once a week…heheheh :). Now he calls me twice daily when
possible :X. On January 26th, 2005 he asked me if I’d like to become
his girlfriend, I asked for a time to think about it since at the time
I was looking only for friends was afraid of having a long distance
relationship–not to mention that back in June of the previous year, I
broke up with my ex-boyfriend. After that chat he told me I would have
a very nice surprise soon.

I also need to mention that after
that 'request', one day after received the Holy Communion during Mass,
as I was praying I heard a voice saying "He is the right one, the one I
choose for you, whenever you feel ready, tell him and go with him". I
didn’t say a word of this to him 🙂 One week before St. Valentine's
Day, I got the first letter from him, a very lovely English handmade
card with a couple of hearts and a little rose 😀 I liked all of it.
Onn the envelope there was a sticker "Royal Mail", and I really felt
like a princess 😀 Then on Sunday I got a ring from the florist asking
for my address, as they were lost and needed to deliver a bouquet for
me!!! Such a huge and heavy basket of beautiful exotic flowers. I was
astounded, and everyone in my family was surprised too. Even my father
asked me if the man had the right name. It was the first time in my
life someone gave me flowers. When he called me on St. Valentine's Day
to find out if I received my gifts, he asked me again to become his
girlfriend, and I said yes.

For a few months, Fany and I spoke on the phone regularly. Her
birthday, her grandma’s sickness, Christmas, and New Year’s 2005
passed. Then St. Valentine's Day approached, I decided to send Fany a
small bouquet. The day arrived and I called Fany to see if she had
received my "surprise”. Little did I know that instead of a small
bouquet, she had actually received a huge basket of beautiful flowers!!
We finally met for the first time on 29th April 2005 in Mexico City. We
spent about two weeks together, when I met her family. We got on very
well together, and I gave Fany a lovely promise ring during my stay. I
went to Mexico again on 10 December 2005, and Fany had invited me to
her parents 25th wedding anniversary. Again, we had a wonderful time
together. I had led Fany to expect me to ask her THE question but I
didn't feel ready at this time. Fany became very upset and we didn't
speak for a few days.

About a week after I arrived home, Fany
and I began speaking with each other again, in even more depth. We both
made a greater effort in prayer and getting to know each other even
better. I booked yet another trip to Mexico so that we could spend more
time together, and so that I could ask her finally to become my wife.
It was at a lovely restaurant on St Valentine's Day 2006, accompanied
by live Mariachi music, that I got down on one knee and asked Fany that
special question…"Darling…Will you marry me?"…and she said "I
do!", with a big smile and tears in her eyes…she had no idea I was
about to ask!

Fany: I
had decided not to expect any more to listen to the 'question', and
just. to enjoy every moment we could spend together, as he spoke again
about shopping and jewellery I preferred not to think of rings and I
thought it was a locket. On May 2005 while shopping, he insinuated the
shopping of a ring with a special meaning for me…but it wasn’t an
engagement one. Then on May 9th, I got my beautiful promise ring.
Later, on December 2005, he came again and same thing happened. He
spoke about life, love, the future and things to do about asking
permissions and shopping jewellery…but once again it wasn't. That day
(Dec. 8th, 2005) brought my friend Benji, whom I also met here on
Catholic Match. Andrew and I argued because of him, and we did not
speak to each other for nearly a week. We started speaking and clearing
up the things before Christmas. He sent me a little basket of roses,
and started arranging everything for meeting again as soon as possible.
He came again on February this year. Such a good time we had
together–for celebrating our 1st happy anniversary, we had a trip to
Guanajuato, a very lovely and romantic small city in Mexico 😛 We also
met my cousin and her husband, who were also there for celebrating
their 1st happy wedding anniversary.

Feb 14:
That day was just wonderful. When picking me up for lunch he brought an
assortment of roses, a heart-shaped balloon and chocolates. :D. He told
me he had a special surprise for that night. We booked a special dinner
to celebrate our 1st happy anniversary, and after the meal I asked if I
could see my gift. He removed from his jacket a big envelope. It was
another lovely card saying lots of wonderful things. The last line said
"…and so my love now it is the time when a single word from you will
change our lives forever…" When I finished of reading the card I was
crying yet, when I put my eyes off from the paper he took my hand, got
on one knee, took out a little box with the engagement ring and he hit
the BIG question to me! Of course I said yes 😛 Upon returning home, I
knew that my mom and my sis helped him to plan that very special night,
and that he requested my parents permission.

I remember that
while I was dating a couple of foreigners, my mother was always saying
that I would surely end choosing a foreigner for getting married. She
didn’t like the idea, but changed her mind when meeting Andrew. She
loves him very much, and the rest of my family does too!

Now we
both are saving as much as we can to be able to afford to get married
(party, honeymoon, house, etc.). Maybe it will take us until next year
to set the date, but all of this is worthy to wait for. We have been
very blessed. I will meet his family this year, by December, when we
will go to his older brother's wedding in Italy!"I thank God, Our Lady,
of course Catholic Match, and all of you who have prayed for us. Keep
the hope and trust 🙂 There’s a beautiful story that God has also
written for you. Just pray, open wide your eyes, ears and heart to be
able to discern when the person and the time that God is sending you is
there 🙂

Throughout our relationship, Fany and I have placed all our Hope and
Trust in God, entrusting our relationship to the Holy Virgin of
Guadalupe, whose Basilica I was so privileged to have visited. We have
regularly visited the Blessed Sacrament, prayed many novenas together.
We both thank Catholic Match, Our Blessed Lord and Our Lady for having
brought us together to share the rest of our lives together. We would
also like to thank all those members of Catholic Match, all those who
have read our profiles over the last year or so, andwho have prayed for
us. May God bless you all. Thank you.


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