Extending Past The Limits


We met last spring in a small town in between our two homes. Jake and I
(Kami) spent about two weeks talking on the phone before we met. I had
met several guys on Catholic Match and didn't have a lot of
expectations by this time.

Our first date was a lot of fun. We
met outside of the movie theater and when he got out of the car I was
surprised how attractive he was. I wasn't all that impressed with his
pictures on his profile, but when he stepped out of the car I thought
he was very attractive–it did help that he had a dozen long stem roses
in his hand. They were purple and perfect. I still have the petals.
Jake has been really great about buying me flowers to show me how much
he cares about me.

After meeting in the parking lot, we went and
saw Beauty Shop–and I still hear how awful that movie was. Then we
went and played a competitive game of putt-putt. It was here that we
really were able to start to talk. By the 18th hole, Jake and I started
to let our guards down, and he bet our final shot on a first kiss. I
accepted his bet and lost. We went to have dinner, and afterwards we
settled the bet. A year later he recreated our first date, and on a
walk he got down on his knee and asked me to marry him. We set our date
for August 25, 2007.

I am really grateful to Catholic Match.
Jake is exactly what I prayed for. He isn't perfect but he is perfect
for me. I am excited to be able to say that soon I will be Mrs. Kami
Kay Barnes. He makes me happy. A warning to all on this website–don't
limit your search too much. Jake wasn't in my original search
requirement. If he hadn't stumbled acrossed my profile and sent me a
smiley I would have never met him.

God bless everyone on this website, I hope you all find someone to make you happy.


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