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My first months on CM were as a "freebie", but that changed when I
received an email from a gentleman. He is a very nice man—and
important because he is the reason that I paid for a month of
membership. I had many encounters, emails and chats with several
different CM gents. One of these gents encouraged me to join the
forums. WOW!!!! I discovered a Catholic community that has inspired me
to explore my personal practice of my Catholic faith, while they
entertained me with their wit, personal adventures and flirting. Soon I
was addicted to the forums and, after a few months of month-to-month
membership, I couldn't resist a special Valentine discount to join CM
for a year.

The forum discussions
were about relationships, Catholic teachings, participation in the
Sacraments as well as the sacraments themselves. I found myself more
attentive to my own practice of the Catholic faith. I discovered a
Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration chapel in my area and started attending
at least once a week. The sense of community encouraged me to resubmit
my application of a declaration of nullity of my marriage.

Ann's Room, the all-female message forum, became my refuge. I developed
a cadre of "gal pals." While most of my communication with them
continues via the internet, I have had the pleasure of meeting several
of these women face-to-face; truly, a gift from God. I cannot express
my feelings for the wonderful CM women who have graced my life.

important to me are the CM Prayer Warriors who have met in a group chat
to pray the Rosary. We are currently completing our second 54 Rosary
Novena. We have also completed nearly a dozen other novenas to various
Saints and Patron of special issues. The members of the prayer group
change throughout the weeks and months but there is a core group. I
will be eternally grateful for the opportunity to participate in prayer
with these wonderful people.

Joining CM has changed my life. I
know I am a better person, stronger in my faith and gifted with the
beautiful, understanding and supportive people I have met here.


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