No Expectations


Aaron: Our first F2F was on the island of Maui in January 2006. We had
an absolutely fabulous time! The photo is on the road to Hana. We
walked the beach, rode horses, and just had a great time.

As I
write this now, Vik is here for her second trip to San Francisco. She
came to witness and participate in my RCIA confirmation and first
communion. And though the scene is different (from our first date), the
story is the same–it's just getting better …

Victoria: It's
easy – we've established some truths about our roles early on! "A man
knows everything but a woman is always right". I am right saying this.
And he knows it! Just kidding!

Seriously though, we both look
for that which inspires us in each other, we offer support and know
that we can count on the other for a lending heart that listens and
understands, even with miles separating us most of the time. It is
comforting to know that the values you strive to uphold are just as
important to the person you hold dear and precious to your heart.

most amazing thing for me at the beginning of our communication, was
that in regards to our very first meeting in Hawaii (hours long flight
for both of us) we placed no expectations on ourselves as to whether it
will "work out" or not. Before we met, we decided that regardless of
how we would have felt at the end of that trip, we would have a great
time and enjoy each other's company. And that's exactly what happened.
But that was only the beginning.

Together Aaron and I thank God
for our journey together so far, and pray that each day we are given to
know each other more will be praise to God and His loving care for both
of us.


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