The Diary Tells All


We had our first date last April. Below is what I (Jerry) wrote the next morning–

had my first date with April yesterday, April 23, 2005. She’s
beautiful! She was wearing a pretty pink sweater with black dress
pants. She’s so nice and caring. We met at Pegasus for lunch. The
conversation was great and so was the food. I had a hard time eating
because I couldn’t stop looking at her. I could look into her eyes

It was one of the best dates I’ve ever had! After lunch
we went to Dollar General in the Town Hall Plaza. I bought a camera for
a fiftieth birthday party and a new “Support Our Troops” ribbon. April
got some socks and a car adapter for her cell phone. Then we went to
Record Theater. I got two CD’s, Frank Sinatra and Gretchen Wilson.
April bought some books. After that, we went across the street to the
Gently Used Furniture store. We had a great time just looking around.
She found a whole section of dishes with shamrocks on them! That was
really neat! The fact the she remembered I was Irish, and brought that
to my attention meant a lot to me!

I drove her back to her car
at Pegasus. We sat in the car a few minutes saying goodbye. I didn’t
want it to end. The time just flew by! We were having so much fun! When
it was time to say goodbye I asked her if I could have a hug. She said
“sure!” We embraced and hugged each other very tight with her cheek
pressed against mine. It felt so good I didn’t want to let go.

asked for directions to Toys R US so I drew her a quick map on the back
of her receipt for a bridesmaid’s gown she bought. She didn’t want me
to see her size (you know how women are about that). I drew her the map
and she got in her car and started driving away. I pulled out first and
I saw her in my mirror. I noticed that there was something sticking out
of her door and dragging on the pavement. I knew right away it was the
belt of her London Fog coat. I stopped and went over to her car. She
rolled down the window. I said, “You have a slight problem". I opened
the door and took the belt and handed it to her. She thanked me and we
both drove away. It’s the next day at 8:35 am and I already miss her
and can’t wait to see her again. I don’t think I’ll see her again for
about two weeks. I know we’ll see each other again though! At least I
hope so."

It was love at first sight for me. We just got engaged
on April 24th and are planning the be married April 27th, 2007. Thanks
Catholic Match!!


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