Transcending The Ocean


Jose Angel contacted me on Nov. 16th,2005. Since we were more than
1,400 miles, away I figured having a nice friend like him wasnt going
to hurt. But to my surprise, the more we emailed each other and the
more we chatted, the more I was intrigued by him.

In December we
began the phone conversations…which went on for hours without us
realizing it. It was then that we both sensed there was something there
and it wasn't only a friendship . He asked when he could visit. When I
told him not until May 2006, he wasn't too happy about…

then I made arragements and he was able to visit in February, and for
Valentines Day, he sent me BEAUTIFUL Pink Lilies, along with a
beautiful message. Then the final day came, when we met face to face on
Feb.25th. It was a wonderful and memorable day, and he asked if I
wanted to take our relationship to the next level, taking into account
that long distance relationships are difficult, but with the help of
God, All things are possible. My response was "yes."

These past
few months have been wonderful. We have had our sad moments due to the
distance, but most of them have been happy ones. We just know we have
to keep our optimism on high and trust in God. We are so happy this
website was established, and it is a blessing to see so many people
finding their match. I can honestly say, "God has sent me mine", a true


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