Crossing The Border For Love


Lea and I would like to sincerely thank the creators of Catholic Match
for a truly amazing and wonderful match-making system. For believers,
we know that God makes marriages happen, and Catholic Match is really
one of God's instruments in helping to bring couples together in

Lea and I met through this system back in November
2004. She was in New York and I was in Ottawa, Canada. After flying
back and forth to visit each other over a span of eight months, we knew
we just had to live closer to each other to find out if it would work.
I was searching the job ads in the newspaper, and I happened to find
one that Lea wanted to apply for. In the process of praying a novena
together, Lea received a call for an interview! After a few weeks she
found out that she got the job! She moved to Ottawa soon after, and now
she only lives a few kilometres away from me! Talk about God's grace!

about eight months of getting to know each other online, and another
nine months in the same city, we are now engaged to be married!

you so much Catholic Match, we are grateful for all that you have done,
and we hope you continue to do God's work in helping singles find each


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