In The Same League


I (Rachel) joined Catholic Match not really looking for a
relationship–or at least not believing I would find anyone worth
having a relationship with. Little did I know, God had something
special in store for me. About a week after I joined in January 2006, I
went through my matches, when I came across Brian's profile. I admired
his educated background, and the fact that he was so well-traveled. Not
only that, but I thought he was cute too! So I sent him a beaming smile
emotigram and waited for a reply, which I got fairly soon. As it turns
out, he would later tell me he had saved me as a favorite when he had
come across my profile but had never sent me an emotigram, because he
thought I was out of his league!

After that we exchanged
screennames, and began talking every night, for hours and hours. About
two weeks later he called me for the first time, on a Saturday, when I
happened to be getting a pedicure with my best friend! I had a blast
talking to him that day, for a couple of hours, and we kept talking
almost every night after that. Needless to say, things were moving
right along.

We met in person on February 10. Believe it or not,
it wasn't love at first sight. I had the feeling that he would just be
a friend for some reason, though the date went extremely well. Yet,
when I got home my mother was so pleased with him (He met both of my
parents) that she insisted I give him another chance. My mother has
never been more right! From our second date and on, I began to fall
more and more in love with Brian, though it wasn't until March 18 that
he finally got up the nerve to ask me to be his girlfriend.

almost six months since we first started chatting online for hours
every night, I can honestly say that this is the man I want to spend
the rest of my life with. Every day I wake up and thank God for
blessing me with such a wonderful, caring, and loving person in my
life. I pray that He will guide us further in our joyous relationship.
I cannot thank CM enough for this service, and to those of you still
looking for that special someone, keep trying! Love comes to those who
least expect it–or at least that's what happened to me. 😉


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