A Soldier & A Pianist


It's amazing how life works out. Who would've thought that I (Shane)
would have bumped into the love of my life in this little place called
cyberspace…and God bless the man (Al Gore?) who invented it.

a cold and rainy night in January, nestled away in my apartment in
Missouri, I happened to strike up a conversation with a (at the time,
British I thought) gal in the electronic ether. I would soon find out
that Meg, the prettiest girl I ever saw, was actually a good ol'
American who just happened to live in the Midwest- not three hours from
my hometown! As it turns out, Meg was pursuing piano studies in London,
and I was in the midst of a six-month advanced school for the Army.

could I have known that four months later I would have been flying
across the Atlantic Ocean to meet my future bride! :o) I felt as though
I knew this woman before I met her; and my phone bills certainly
provide ample proof (Meg here:
do you want some cheese with that whine?) that we talked enough to fill
at least a few encyclopedias ;o). That first time I saw her, that
wonderful May day in Victoria Station, I fell in love. (Meg here again: and I just plain almost fell).

that weekend, and the following months passed by, we realized that God
had a plan for us: we knew that, in each other, we had found our home.
Fast forward to New Year's Eve, 2005: I decided to propose on New
Year's Eve, and (with the help of a good family's advice) worked out a
plan that would hopefully both surprise Meg and make the night magical.
After dinner and a dance, we took a carriage ride through a glowing
Kansas City plaza. Following several heart palpitations, and severe
shortness of breath, I finally managed to pull out her ring, take a
knee on the carriage, and stumble over the words that had been swimming
in my head all day. Well, I'm not sure exactly how it came out, but she
said "yes!" at some point, so here we are today, happily engaged!

both feel truly blessed that we were brought together on Catholic
Match, and that we met many wonderful friends along the way. Happy New
Year, thank you St. Raphael, and God bless!


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