The Smile of God


We met on Catholic Match in June 2005. I (Adrian) am living in Georgia
and Merlie is in the Philippines. A simple "smile" emotigram started a
friendship. And as we read one another's profile something within us
said, "Hey, this person is special!"

Days, weeks, months
passed and our friendship evolved into something deeper. Sure enough,
love ensued, though we saved "I love you" until we met in person.

booked my flight and after a year we met face to face for the first
time on June 15, 2006. At the airport while I was in line with
immigration, I saw Merlie. I smiled and waved, and she smiled back. Our
hands came together as if they had always been. I proposed to her and
she said “yes!” Our hearts already knew. We would be one.

In November 2006 we shall be married.

being truthful, forthright, and inspiring like the word of God shall
touch people's hearts. People with faith in God and hope in meaningful
and everlasting love shall always find it. It may not come right away,
but it does come. I am convinced that we would have met no matter what.
God was preparing our hearts for each other. He always knew–now we do

"Our" story could be anyone's. So never lose faith, God's
love is all powerful. That love shall inspire you to love as he does.
With God "smiling" in your heart, you too, shall "smile" and that love
will be yours to accept and give. To Catholic Match, thank you very


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  1. Luisa-726331 July 4, 2012 Reply

    Hi, How are you, Adrian and Merlie?

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