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A Marriage Readiness Program Series

Are you prepared to meet the right person for marriage?
Are you ready for marriage itself?

This 2-DVD set of 14 programs, 1/2 hour each, focuses on helping Catholics become better "catches" for marriage. It addresses and answers many issues and tough questions that single Catholics face (and benefits those engaged or married as well).

Join hosts Anthony Buono and Rev. Edward B. Connolly as they talk about these topics, and present interviews with experts on the subjects: Dr. Richard Fitzgibbons, Fr. Benedict Groeschel, Fr. C. John McCloskey, Patricia Wrona and Susan Gertz.

This DVD makes a great gift or tool for:

  • Any single Catholics you know or work with
  • Priests preparing couples or who want a resource for the singles they know
  • Parents that need good information about preparing their children about approaching dating and marriage
  • Parishes or study groups
  • Engaged Couples
  • Even married couples can learn from this series

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Show Titles

Marriage : What Went Wrong? Preview This Segment
What does Holy Matrimony mean? State of marriage today. How things got so bad. Hopes for the future. Hedonism, Utilitarian Philosophy.

Our Wounded Human Nature Preview This Segment
We all carry the wounds of sin: problems, weaknesses, faults, habits, negative inclinations. A look at the major problems persons have (excessive anger, sadness/loneliness, lack of confidence, negative parental models, mistrust, selfishness). To be marriage material means to address these issues.

Know Thy Self Preview This Segment
The importance of self-knowledge. How virtues trump weaknesses. Exercising forgiveness in broad strokes. The need to have a true self in order to make the gift of self required in marriage.

The Perfect Person Preview This Segment
The futility of searching for the perfect person when there is no such thing. Character flaws and accepting faults.

Do Looks Matter? Preview This Segment
What is attraction and what is chemistry? How singles today deal with looks and high expectations. True and healthy notions of attraction. How physical attraction can come later.

1 – 2 – 0: The Path To Intimacy Preview This Segment
What is love? What is Intimacy? The idea of “three to get married”. JP II notion of three steps in love: romantic (attraction), friendship (trust), intimacy (oneness). First, we are one in that we are alone. Second, we are two in that we have met someone we develop friendship with. Third, we are zero in that we have intimacy in marital union due to our self-donation to ONE person (therefore, we are ONE).

All the Time in the World Preview This Segment
How time is abused when it comes to discerning one’s vocation. Putting off and acting on vocational call. Is there a singles vocation?

What Men & Women Want, Part 1 Preview This Segment
A look at the challenges facing single men and women regarding problems like fear of commitment, trust issues, etc., and how this affects what they seek in each other.

What Men & Women Want, Part 2 Preview This Segment
A detailed (and sometimes humorous) look at misunderstandings men and women have about each other, and what both men and woman need to become in order to meet the right person.

Sex and The Will Preview This Segment
A look at self-mastery, chastity, the contraception mentality, the place of sex, and why marriage at a young age needs to come back. Developing the habits to make a strong will in order to respond properly in our sexuality.

Choosing Wisely Preview This Segment
Keys to finding a great person and building a solid relationship. Forgiveness. Is there only ONE person out there for you? Issues that can cripple a relationship.

Approaches to Dating Preview This Segment
It’s about going through many of the wrong persons. Right and wrong approaches by men and women. Are we too picky today? Dating Tactics. Online dating.

Back to the Future Preview This Segment
The annulment process, and what we can learn from it. Looking at other marriages that have worked or failed.


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