A Catholic Match Wedding


The St. Thomas More Room, where CM members come to debate
politics, has come to be known as the “War Room.” But this past month,
the passions of war gave way to the passions of love. Two prominent
War Room participants were married in Stamford, Connecticut. A cadre of
CM members were present on July 22 to witness the wedding of Harry-2452
and Beverly-68685. And for a few brief hours–in addition to providing
a splotch of political "red" in this otherwise blue state–their
wedding bore witness to the promise Catholic Match offers to all.

vigorous debate and the Catholic Match sense of community was what
brought the couple together. The couple's success story recalls how
Beverly was fascinated by the political debates unfolding in the
forums, and began planning an event in New York City for January that
would bring the warring participants together in person.

there, the "War Room Lovefest" took off, and became the CM social
event of the first part of 2006. Harry recalled not showing up with any
romantic expectations. The military man and staunch conservative
just hoped to meet lifelong friends. Those who attended can
recall that Beverly didn’t have enough time to think romantic
thoughts about
anyone. She was the one calling the shots, and making sure the event
off as planned. But, as she recounts in her success story, the
aftermath of it all made her realize how much she missed the man in

The wedding was held in a majestic Gothic church, with
the Tridentine Mass being offered. The beautiful Latin music
cascading down to a bride and groom decked out in a beautiful white
dress and military garb was truly a moment captured in time and capable of turning the mind and heart toward all that is good.

Harry & Bev, the success story came quickly. But it will not be the
last, as the rivers of grace that were unlocked in New York this past
January flowed on through Connecticut last month.

Other CM
events have been planned, hoping to duplicate—and even top the success
enjoyed in New York City.This very month, Chicago
will hold its second annual gathering, with hopes of transforming
the Midwest, the same way Lovefest transformed CM’s East Coast
contingent. In recent years, the city of Boston has outperformed New York in
baseball and trumped them in football—and they’ll look to score the
hat trick at CM Boston in October. Scores of other gatherings dot the
fruited plain. Memphis, Detroit, Las Vegas, and a planned one in
Washington D.C. Look one up. Maybe you won’t be the next success
story—but you might walk away with more friends
then when you came.

Visit the CM Events Calendar to find a gathering near you.


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