Just When She Least Expected…


I think it was August of 2002 and I (Jenny) was getting really frustrated
with the dating scene, and beginning to think I would never find true
love. I had heard about St. Raphael Singles (which is what Catholic
Match was then called) so I decided to check out the site.

fiddling around, I somehow signed myself up as a free member and wasn’t
sure how to undo it! At first, I tried desperately to delete my
profile, but having no success, decided to just fill it out and see
what happened. I didn’t feel that I was ready to date again, after a
few recent heartbreaks, but felt that God may be telling me something

After a few weeks, I signed up as a paid member and
began meeting different people on the site. Around early October, I
decided to inactivate my membership because I felt that I needed a
break from the dating scene. My plan was not to become a member again
until the following year. But God had other plans. One evening in late
October something told me that I should reactivate my membership and
leave it until it expired in mid-November. So that is what I did.

a week later, on November 1st 2002, I returned to my computer at work
and found that I had a new encounter. I checked it out and saw that it
was from Dennis, someone whom I had not noticed before on the site. I
quickly scanned his profile, and to my surprise, everything fit what I
wanted….he even lived only a few miles from me! So I wrote him back,
and we began chatting for 2 ½ months via email (and a few phone calls)
before we finally met in person on January 25, 2003.

I always
felt a connection, but went into the date very casually so I wouldn’t
get high expectations and end up getting hurt. We met at a local bar,
and he was already there when I arrived. When I first walked in and saw
Dennis sitting there, I remember thinking “wow, this could actually
work!”. We met at 8:00 and talked about anything and everything until
the bar closed at 2:00am. I remember coming home that night and
thinking that this could be the “one”…it was a different feeling than I
had ever had before…a very real feeling. We connected in so many ways,
and everything just felt right.

We went out a few more times
and gradually things grew into a relationship. We became more serious
over the summer, and have been together ever since. After dating for
two years, Dennis proposed to me on July 3rd, 2005, and we are getting
married on July 29, 2006. We both are so very thankful to Catholic
Match for bringing us together and making all our dreams come true.
Even though we only lived a few miles apart, we probably never would
have met if it wasn’t for this site. Thank you!


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