International Love


God bless everyone trying to use Catholic Match. He is working wonders through this beautiful website.
In September of 2004, Libia and I (Daniel) first exchanged smile emotigrams at each other, and from then on it was magic.

Libia was from Venezuela and living in her home city of Caracas. I was
living in Detroit, where I am originally from. We talked and
chatted for about two months, and then I decided I needed to meet her
in person.

I flew to Caracas for a week and we fell very deeply in love. Not long
after ,I actually moved to Caracas for a few months. While there, under
the guidance of a New York-born priest named Fr. Joe, we were

We are now living back in the United States with a beautiful new baby
girl. As I write this, I feel so much joy and just want people to know
that God does do miracles everyday. Don't give up hope that your
prayers will be answered in some way. He always responds. God bless
this website, and all those who work hard everyday serving Him. Thank
you St. Gabriel, for watching out for us.


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  1. Brenda-313314 February 24, 2010 Reply

    Daniel's beautiful words, thank you and Libia have always been close and I trust that God has in store for me an angel, and your life you came to Libya. God bless your family, your children and this wonderful woman you had the fortune to find. The best of the worl for you and your family. Brenda.

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