Doing Something For Europe


I joined CM last November and started to participate in forums a
little bit later. The experience could not have been better–almost
inmediately I was kindly invited by Beverly-68685 to the wonderful
"Lovefest" being organized in New York City for January '06.
While I
don't mind online communication, I prefer "face to face"

I went to New York in January, met great people and had one of the
times of my life. It also seems other people really had the time of
their lives… since I "had" to come back to New York for Bev & Harry's
last July, and again having the
chance to meet again some great CM members.

Being part of the CM community is giving me a lot of chances, not just to
improve my English (yes, it was a secondary "goal" of being here …but
a goal nonethless) but also to make friends, discuss topics, share
views, widen my world… and most important of all: learn a lot.

As I was told once, CM is above all a learning
community…where you can see clearly that the Holy Ghost is present,
alive, and that the Church is a wonderful place to live… and die…
even if sometimes you really have to pay attention to the "lower voices
and tones" at the forums or the infrequent posters more than
the frequent ones.

Thanks be to God for giving me the gift of Faith, and the chance to be here,
"touching" the universality of your Church. Thanks for every single
person here, trying to be a good Catholic, helping others so many times
without knowing or even pretending. Thanks for so many friends, for
every new relation, engagement, and marriage. Thanks for every time CM
makes a person to feel less lonely, to pray, increase his or her faith,
share, learn.

Encouraged mainly by the good example and dedication of
Beverly-68685 and
so many others that were and are organizing events all over the
world, I started to think about the possibility of an event that
could combine meeting people with one of my main worries: the
spiritual "coldness" of Europe. This land I am from and where I live
has given to the Church so many saints, so many holy orders. A
continent that is a land of mission, but is struggling today. Now is
the time for less complaints and more

John Paul II asked us Europeans, at Santiago de Compostela
Nov '82:

"(Europe) find yourself again. Be yourself. Discover your
origins, revive your roots. Return to those authentic values which made
your history a glorious one and your presence so beneficent in the
other continents. Rebuild your spiritual unity in a climate of complete
respect for other religions and other genuine liberties. Give to Caesar
what belongs to Caesar, and to God what belongs to God… You can still
be the guiding light of civilization and the stimulus of progress for
the world. The other continents look to you and also hope to receive
from you the same reply which St. James gave to Christ: POSSUM. I can."

Well, for me it still seems a very urgent and very explicit call 20
years after! I am not naive so I know that call seem to demand a wide
range of actions, lots of fields to work: from politics to culture,
from laws affecting family and education to many other. But … what if
at least I could contribute from here, CM, to it? The idea of Saint
James Way Pilgrimage came to my mind… That could be a real life time
experience for so many!: to Pray and Walk for Europe while
participating in a Middle Age Tradition that combines "sport" with art,
wonderful landscapes, good food and better wines… and much more!

With the invaluable help and support from James, Aaron, Michael,
Nina and above all José María (who designed the web site, and is not even a
CM member!) we want now to invite all CM
members to the 1st CM Saint James Way Pilgrimage to take place next month
of July (with next stages in 2008, 2009 and 2010, it is a long Way1).

really would love you to join us. Be it in person (a much better option)
or in spirit (after all we do believe in the Communion of Saints). Have a
look at the events calendar at Catholic Match and give this event at least a thougt. And much better: a prayer.


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