Rolling The Dice


Sometimes I (Patrik) still think I’m dreaming, as if I never woke up from
the day where the two of us finally got engaged. We had
everything going against us–the distance, different cultures, and the
costs. I remember my hands were shaking when I was about to click
on the mouse button to confirm the order for the flight tickets to L.A.
It was the best decision in my life, even though it cost me all my
savings. Not to mention that I was a Polish guy living in Sweden, and
she was a Vietnamese girl living in the States. Life doesn’t work out
the way you plan, I tell you that

I still remember the day
she wrote me a letter. When I first saw her picture, I was very
suspicious of her, thinking that she was some sort of model who dated
movie stars. She was so beautiful, and I was surprised she wrote
to me, since she shouldn’t have any trouble finding a decent guy in California.
That was before she told me that there are no gentlemen in California–hehe.

I had some doubts, but I figured that I might make a new friend and we
could talk about interesting issues and such. Boy, was I surprised when
I started talking with her! I started to ask questions about what she
feels about this and that–you know, questions that couples who date
each other ask. And we gave each other answers that we both liked. I
was amazed–never before has a woman intrigued me the way she did. It
was like a jigsaw puzzle, and every single piece fell into place

At first, I had a good time chatting with her, but
as time went by I wanted to talk more and more. We both looked forward
to every e-mail, and opportunity to chat. We kept on talking and
exchanging e-mails every day, and we both wanted to see each other this
summer. I didn’t want to go at first, because I was short on cash, so she
wanted to come and see me instead. I’d never allow that, not to mention
her family back home. So I decided to visit her after all.

It was still
a gamble, since I never knew how it would be to spend time with her in
person. Would she be as attractive in real life as in her pictures?
Would we get along? But it turned out to be the greatest experience
ever. We came along just perfectly. This was the greatest summer of our
lives, and it has been great since then.  We love each other more and
more with each day that goes by.

We still have a lot to learn about each
other, and the fun thing is that we still surprise each other in
positive ways, finding out new things about each other. It worked out
between us, because we think alike and we trust each other completely.
As Gabby said to me once, it takes a lot of trust to make a long
distance relationship work out

Long story short:  we got
engaged, and I’m planning to move to the
States as soon as I get my M.B.A., and we can start having the life we
both have been dreaming of for so long. To all of you who doubt that
love doesn’t exist, just ask us 😉

Gabby, you are my life, my
love, my sweetest Asian pearl, and I love you more than life itself. You
have made my dreams come true, and I have finally found you in the most
unlikely of places. I will love you till the end of time and beyond.


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  1. Mir-1082572 July 4, 2014 Reply

    Wow! It moved me to tears! Such a beautiful love story. May God help you overcome the remaining difficulties and stay true to each other, no matter what. God bless both of you!+++

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