Seizing A Second Chance


I (Joan) have been given a second chance at love, and I am forever indebted to CatholicMatch.

was July 13th 2006, and my first month of CatholicMatch was about to end.
Being that I am very impatient at times, I was about to give up hope
that I would have any luck on the site. Don't get me wrong–I met a few
great men who possessed the qualities that I was looking for in a man,
but something just never clicked for me–until that night when
I met Stephano.

I was checking my mail and emotigrams as usual, and I
was chatting with a friend I had met from Catholic Match,
when I kept getting this pop up on my screen that said "YOU HAVE A NEW
MATCH Steve-177525". Being that I was in the middle of a conversation
with another person, I just clicked the X and sent it away.

the "YOU HAVE A NEW MATCH" kept popping up, over and over, until I just
opened the profile to stop it from popping up. The chat with my friend was short, so I decided to go ahead and find out
what was so special about this profile that it wanted me to see it so

When it loaded, I found out that Steve was from Philadelphia
just like myself. The first thing about him that struck me was the fact
that he liked Harry Connick Jr., who happens to be one of my favorite
musicians and actors. We already had common ground–by now I was antsy
to see what he looked like, since his profile was very hopeful.

sent Steve an emotigram smile, asking him if he had a picture. He told
me that it still had to be approved, which was understandable. From that
night on, we started chatting back and forth, sending emails and

The chatting and emotigrams lasted a few days, and then
we advanced to the telephone. Our first few days of phone conversation
were a minimum of two hours and a max of about six. We really
clicked and it was almost like magic–but also seemed a little too good
to be true. We decided after the first week that we wanted to go on an
offical date.

On Saturday, July 22th 2006, we met. The previous day, Steve had'
told me on the phone that he wasn't feeling very well, and wondered if I
would like to meet him at his house just to hang out for a bit instead
of canceling the date. Although it was usually against my better
jusgement, I decided to go ahead and take the chance with him, I liked
what I knew about him so far and he seemed nice enough.

Saturday morning finally came, and I was extremely nervous, I took the
EL down to his neighborhood, and he said he would meet me at the stop.
When I turned onto the second flight of stairs that led me to the street,
I saw Steve. And from that moment on, everything felt like slow motion.

feel like it took me half an hour to walk down the stairs. When I
finally reached the bottom, I just wrapped my arms around his neck and I
was shaking like a leaf. When we released, the hug was so close to his
face that I just kissed him. Don't ask me why, I usually don't kiss on
a first date but something was just telling me that I had to kiss this

had a great time that first date, and it honestly still
hasn't stopped. Although we have only known each other for two months,
it feels like we have known each other forever. Every time we get
together it just gets better. Sure, we disagree but our differences are
what make us stronger. I know that I love this man, and although it is
soon, I know that I will marry him someday. God Bless and Good Luck in
finding your
missing piece. Catholic Match is truly a blessing.


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