The Gift Of Hope


I (Dina) am very happy to notify Catholic Match that we are another
success story! I read many of the success stories posted, and they gave
me strength so, I wish to share our story that it may give others hope.

Our relationship began with an emotigram from Ron to me on May
5, 2006. I responded back with an emotigram. We started corresponding,
and his emails became the highlight of my day. I was deeply touched by
his words. I could sense a special man–caring, warm, honest, kind and
filled with a deep faith.

Ron's words made me smile and laugh.
He initiated a phone conversation, intending to keep it short and
sweet, but I enjoyed it so much, that I prolonged the conversation and
he almost missed his morning flight to Florida!

We shared many
conversations, and when he returned from Florida we set up a meeting in
person. I was nervous, and filled with anticipation to finally meet
this man who was capturing my heart. Since that first meeting, our
relationship has developed and grown, and we look forward to a future

After many years of prayers, which included many dry
times, I give thanks to St. Therese the Little Flower, St. Padre Pio,
St. Raphael,and to the Good Lord for this wonderful gift.


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