Inseparable Ever Since


Paul sent me (Molly) an email in February. I had let my
subscription lapse, but decided to give it one more try, so I joined
for a month to write him back. We sent a few emails back and forth,
then shared our first conversation the beginning of April. We made
plans to have our first date close to my home at one of my favorite
restaurants, on Sunday April 9th.

We met for dinner and kept talking! After dinner, we went to the local
park where we walked the trail and continued to talk for hours.
Something just felt right between us. We talked a few more times during
the week, then had our second date squeezed into Easter Saturday. At
Vigil that night, I told my best friend and her fiance that I had met
someone special. On our next date, a baseball game, I knew this was it.
I had never been so open and comfortable in a relationship. Paul says
he knew before I did. We've been together ever since.

I can't say I was surprised when Paul proposed. We had talked
about it, and I had a feeling he was up to something. He picked me up
on Sunday August 27th, taking me to dinner where we had our first date.
Then he took me to the park, to "our" bench, where he proposed!

We are in the midst of our engagement, surrounded by family and friends
who are happy to see we have found one another. A June wedding is


Update, August 2007: Paul
and I said our vows on June 23, 2007 at my childhood church with over
200 friends and family there. We had a great day, an old friend had
recently been ordained as a deacon, and he performed our ceremony. At
the reception, my Matron of Honor celebrated her one year anniversary
with her husband, whom she met on Catholic Match as well. Paul and I
have settled into life as newlyweds and look forward to many years and
blessings to come! Thank you CM for bringing us together!


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