The Motor City Miracle


Editor's Note: The most successful CM Gatherings to date—at least in terms of raw
numbers—were those that benefited from large amounts of advance time to
help build momentum for the event. So in late July, when CM Detroit was
submitted to the calendar, with a start date for just a couple months
later, it was reasonable to think that this would be a fairly small
affair, perhaps building to something bigger in 2007.

Given what
happened, maybe it was appropriate that one of the scheduled activities
was a Detroit Tigers’ baseball game. Because the 2006 Tigers were
supposed to be a year away from serious contention too. But they stunned the baseball world. And in its own way, CM
Detroit shocked the world too, and became bigger then anyone imagined.

Patrick-33304 put the event
together. Below are his own words, as he recounts how The Motor City
Miracle unfolded. And special thanks to Beata-159268 for the photos.
Her complete album is linked to in the opening paragraph.

We had way more people show up then we expected. Friday at the Meet
and Greet, at least 45 people came by. We prayed the twenty decades of
the Rosary at 9 PM, and it was beautiful.
Some of our members
adjourned to a local establishment called Diamondbacks for some country
style line dancing. All reports suggest they had a dirt kicking good
time. Beata-159268 has posted some photos of the event online.
On Saturday, many of us went to Reconciliation (not due to
anything at the Meet and Greet of course). Then we met at Greenfield
Village. There were two rendezvous schedules, one at 12:30 PM and one
at 2:30 PM. I rendezvoused at 2:30. And the Tigers’ tickets arrived via
Patricia-58983 shortly thereafter. We were certainly all glad to see
her; all decked out in her Tiger Jersey and rain pants. The drizzly day
certainly did not dampen her spirits, nor would she allow it to dampen
ours. Her cheerful enthusiasm and dedication to having a great time
infected all of us. By then, about twenty of us had gathered in front
of the Chapel in Greenfield Village.

At the suggestion of Dave-57237, we proceeded to the far end of the
Village to see the Forge, stopping periodically to view some other
points of interest. Afterward, we meandered through other attractions,
and then went to Thomas Edison's exhibit. This was fascinating to all,
but especially to George-49416 who is actually from Menlo Park, New
Jersey, where much of Edison's work was done. We proceeded to many other interesting artifacts, finishing our
tour on the Carousel, on which we were the last ride of the day. Many
of us joined in singing "Take Me Out to the Ball Park" led by
Julie-155755 until her motion sickness got the best of her.

After the Royals had batted through the lineup, and scored no less
then seven runs, we finally got to see the Tigers come up to bat. When
they did, they looked anemic, getting only one back, to which the CM
faithful, in concert with the Tiger's faithful, let out a roar for the
ages. But the inning ended too soon for the Striped Baseballers to make
a comeback. The game ran on, as the rain misted down, fortunately, our
seats were under the over hang, and we were high and dry, thank be to
God. In the third, the Tigers began to battle back, picking up three
runs. To which the CM crowd erupted into cheers and dancing lead by
Beata-159268 and her friend Darrel. I would be remiss if I did not
mention that as Beata was leading our entire section in cheers, and
high fives-none of the locals were even aware that she is from Chicago,
and roots whole heartedly for a certain unnamed team. The Tigers picked
up another run in the sixth, but it was not enough. We did get to see
five Tiger pitchers, and if that is not a record for a nine-inning game
it should be.

After the game, we retired to our respective rooms, and got some
rest in anticipation of Mass at the Shrine. Sunday morning, some came
by my room early for an informal
semi-continental breakfast consisting of Fruit and Grain Bars, donuts,
coffee, milk, and OJ. Then it was off to the National Shrine of the
Little Flower on the Feast of Saint Therese herself. Mass was
wonderful. Julie and Dave–whom the usherette mistook for husband and
wife—took up the gifts.

After Mass, we had an informal tour of the Shrine lead by
Janine-90531, and some kind words from Monsignor William H. Easton.
Then it was on to our Italian Brunch at Pasquale's. Now for those of
you not familiar, an Italian Brunch looks a lot like "dinner" to anyone
else. And it was fabulous. As Pasquale's would not take our
reservations, we hit them by surprise–instead of the fifteen people
who had RSVPed, a swollen group of 42 hungry Catholics showed up! Their
staff was courteous, professional and accommodating, and they promptly
seated us and fed us. The food was fabulous and plentiful. After the
'brunch', some of us went to the "Pray Chain for Life" on Woodward
Avenue, and some went to the Detroit Zoo.

By all reports, everyone who attended had a good time. My figures
may be soft, but I estimate 51 CM members, and four of their
friends—three of which belong to another Catholic Singles site that
does not have Get Togethers, and I think they will soon be joining us.
There were two Plenary Indulgences for those who participated in
our Sacraments, Prayers, and Meditations under the ordinary
circumstances( Receive Holy Communion in a State of Grace, no
attachment to Sin, pray for the Pope’s Intentions, intend to make an
Indulgence). Several people showed up as "couples" and even more left
that way.

If there is a CM Gathering that interests you, I recommend you go. If
there is not a CM Gathering that interests you, I suggest you plan one.
Include Sacraments and Prayers, especially the Rosary. It is well worth
the effort involved.


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