Zooming Into ’07


2006 saw Catholic Match members come together around the nation in
the “real world” like never before. And 2007 is off to the same kind of
start, with several get-togethers in the opening six weeks of the year.
And two major weekend affairs are around the corner to complete the
setting of the table.

January is the month of the March
for Life, as pro-life citizens around the nation converge on Washington
D.C. to protest the anniversary of the 1973 Supreme Court decision Roe vs. Wade,
which erroneously held that a right to legal abortion had the same
constitutional protection as the right to free speech. Catholic Match
members were among those counted. In fact, CMers were marching on both
coasts, with several members converging on San Francisco where the
anniversary was also protested. Two more events took place away from
the political and social battles of our day. There was a ski weekend in
West Virginia and a coming event in Philadelphia .

affectionately known to the CM community as “Zoom” for how fast he
moves in his wheelchair, took the last weekend of January to show that
his speed extended to the slopes. He organized an outing for a closely
knit group of members to join him. The group was able to spend a
weekend skiing, enjoying good pizza together on Friday night and a
buffet dinner on Saturday, courtesy of the restaurants their organizer
had chosen in advance. The ski weekend enjoyed late growth as an event,
with several attendees confirming at the end. “There was a group of
four ladies…” Zoom recalled. “They learned about the event the week
before… Also, one guy e-mailed me last Wednesday to ask if there was
room…” Persistence and patience is important in the successful planning
of an event, and Zoom has both qualities in spades.

March for Life was a huge success. Even with inclement weather,
estimates counted anywhere of 100,000 to 300,000 on hand. Anya-134962
& Michelle-87453 led up the Catholic Match cadre. They joined the
march, which runs from the National Mall to Capitol Hill and concludes
at the steps of the Supreme Court. Even with this enormous attendance
there were no reports of arrests or public disturbances. The CM group
had lunch and dinner together on Sunday, and went to the Shrine of the
Immaculate Conception. But though they all enjoyed each other’s
company, they look forward to the day when this anniversary will no
longer provide reason for so many people to come together.

there have been plenty of good reasons for CMers in the D.C. area to
get together. Anya and Michelle have worked consistently and tirelessly
these past several months and already staged three different overnight
events in their home region. They gathered last September, and again in
early December to celebrate Christmas. And there’s no stopping anytime
soon, with a Valentine’s Day celebration right around the corner.

was the site of a CM gathering in May 2006, and several members
organized a weekend there in December. More activity is on the way for
the second weekend of February, as Jennifer-185601 has two days of
Irish music, a pilgrimage to St. Rita’s Shrine and touring the historic
sites of Philly on tap.

All of these events set the table for
the big shindigs to come in Florida and New York. If you’re cold and
looking for some warm weather, the sunshine state is beckoning . Through
the months-long efforts of Sue-82886, St. Petersburg will be the host
to CM Florida on the weekend of February 16-18. This event was spawned
in the aftermath of a smashingly successful weekend in Chicago last
summer, and those that had traveled north wanted to return the favor
and invite their CM brethren south. Three days of the beach, charter
fishing and fellowship await those who take the opportunity to go

In 2006, New York hosted the now-famous “War Room
Lovefest”, an event spawned in the St. Thomas More room of the message
forums that has already led to one marriage. Lovefest II is scheduled
for the second weekend of March. Ellen-60137 has a weekend lined up
that will give the sequel every opportunity to match the original and
make The Big Apple the place to be to usher in springtime.

of the events happen because of the committed work of their organizers,
who go through the toil of putting it all together and the worry of
making sure it all comes off right. Zoom, Anya, Michelle, Jennifer, Sue
and Ellen join those who have gone before them in making CM a better
place to be. And that means the table is set for you to make 2007 as
the year when you expand your circle of friends and possibilities.


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