God Brought Us Together


Charles and I (Theresa) began chatting in early November 2005, right after I
had joined the site. He read in my profile that I wanted to
learn how to play golf. Little did he know I actually lived on a
golf course. He encouraged me to take lessons so we could play
sometime. During this period we would spend time on the fora, with
others on the site. He would always be nearby sending me emotiograms or
making comments to my comments on the forums using his special language
of shortcuts such as “u” for you, “4", etc. 

It wasn't until a few
months later that we were chatting online, and after trying to make
sense of what was being said, I wrote, "why don't we talk on
the phone". He was so happy I had finally relented. The minute we heard
each other's voices, we knew we had to meet in person. We asked
ourselves why we waited so long.

We had our first face-to-face
meeting on Mother's Day 2006. I was so happy to find out what a tall
nice-looking guy he was. He was happily surprised I lived on a golf
course 🙂  He came over well-prepared to create a wonderful dinner
for me. We enjoyed a wonderful dinner of lobster and stuffed crab
portabello mushrooms.

Attending church together was very special
that weekend. After church we took a tram ride up Mt. Jacinto. He said
when he looked at me that afternoon he knew I was the one he wanted to
marry. After he left that weekend, we continued to talk by phone and
then he started coming over to visit nearly every weekend.

We soon got out on the golf course, and he gave me a few short
lessons. On my first visit to where he lives, we played a round
of golf.  What a shock it was for both of us when I parred the
first hole!!!  Charles bogied it, so it was an interesting start to
our day.  He did end up beating me on that game, but that sure was
a fun moment for me!

of the things I had to make sure about, was that he would accept my
disability. I have trouble climbing stairs
and getting up from a low chair, for example.  He was
accepting of who I was right away. He is very physically strong, so
he makes up for my weakness.  While on a camping trip, he learned
very fast about how I struggle, yet he was very patient giving
me a hand whenever I needed help. 

Each time we
visited, I found myself falling more deeply in love with him, and him
with me. We soon began talking about spending the rest of our
lives together.  It wasn’t long after that, while at Mass while
they were playing our favorite song, he slipped an engagement ring on
my finger.  We truly believe God brought us together for a reason.
I asked God for someone like St. Joseph. Charles loves to work with
wood. He's very caring and loving. Our temperaments are in such a way
that we help each other maintain balance. 

But most
importantly, we believe we came together to help each other to gain
eternal life and to help others by our example. Now we know we have
some work to do, but only with God’s help!  Our wedding is set for
May 19, 2007.


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