God Saw Us Through


Joanna and I (John) met on CM in April 2005, I sent her an e-mail asking if
she had a certain teacher in high school. This certain teacher happened
to be her father, whom I have worked with for a few years in the
Knights of Columbus. Our first date was a few weeks later, and life
hasn't been the same since.

In proposed to Joanna on December
10, 2005, at a beautiful place I have been to many times since I was
little. The look on her face was simply beautiful. We planned our
wedding for about thirteen months later, in the same church where her parents
were married in 1959.

Our planning process was hectic, as I
suppose all wedding plans are, but there was one undeniable fact: God
was seeing us through.

Our wedding was January 13, 2007. The
day was a beautiful, mild winter day. It was a bit unusual not to see
snow in Maine in January, but it was beautiful. I couldn't believe
Joanna could look, sound or be more beautiful, but she was. When we
were reciting our vows and exchanging rings, we felt the real presence
of God within us. Many of our friends and relatives told us how
inspired they were by the spirituality of our ceremony, but Joanna and
I felt so much more. We felt the true feeling of the three in our
marriage, Joanna, myself and God.

Like I said last April, not a
day goes by that I don't thank God for Joanna. We had a wonderful
honeymoon and are beginning our new life together. We can't wait to
enjoy the many facets of our marriage. One thing is certain: God will
always be the most important One of the three in our marriage. We thank
God for directing us to CM, and along the way, to each other. 

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