The Heavenly Matchmaker


On August 25, 2007 Jerry-187336 & Judy-104283 will marry. They met on Catholic Match
and the following story recounts some of the details of their meeting from both perspectives. The couple hopes that all who
read their story will find love as they did.

Jerry says:

joined Catholic Match, completed my profile and soon got a "welcome
aboard" from a woman named Judy. She told me later that she was
tired of all these men viewing her profile and nothing happening. So
she decided to become proactive. I checked her profile (with
photo), and decided I would respond to her. We "chatted" several
times and finally decided to meet at a local restaurant for a meal on
Sept. 22nd. 
Since we both had posted our up-to-date photos, we had
no trouble finding each other. We talked and ate and I can
remember thinking that she was too good to be true. Halfway through
the meal I had to ask, "How am I doing" (notice the insecurity in the
question).  Our talking continued through coffee and soon we were
the last people in that section of the restaurant. We decided to
continue the evening by going to a local bar with entertainment. We
tried three–too noisy, too crowded, too young–and finally settled for
It was a fantastic evening, and when I took her back to
her car I knew I wanted this relationship to continue. I'm not
sure when I realized I truly loved her. It may have started that first
night, as she took my arm when we went from club to club. It
felt soooo right to have her next to me. At Christmas time I went
out of town to visit my daughter and grandkids. I was there less
than an hour when Judy called to make sure I had arrived safely. I knew
then that she loved me, and I decided to propose.  
The only
question was when. On New Year's Day I was invited to dinner,but her
daughter was home from college so I didn't think it would be possible
to ask her that night. But as fate would have it, the daughter had loads
of homework to do so she stayed in her room working (or was she
banished by her mother).  I had my chance 
dinner and I asked her to be my wife. I think she expected me to
ask–she just didn't think it would happen so soon. She gave me a
"tentative yes", which became a "definite yes" the next day.  The
Lord had answered my prayers in a way far exceeding my
expectations. Our kids have all given us their blessing and
share in our happiness. We will be married in August.

Judy says:

had been on the site for about a year and a half, met some lovely people
and made some wonderful friends–but no "match". I had already decided
not to renew my membership when it expired.

One day in early
September I received the notification from CM that "Jerry has browsed
your profile". I checked his profile and was surprised to see he
lived about thirty minutes from me. He was a newcomer to the site so I
thought a "welcome" would be appropriate. He caught me online a few
times, so we chatted. After losing Internet service a few times, he gave
me his phone number. When I called him I got the answering machine and
left a message, but not my number. Imagine my surprise when he called
me. Caller ID? No, he bribed the phone company for my number.
We had
a pleasant evening on our first date, but I had no idea that as we
continued to see each other I would fall in love. As we spent more time
together, I realized he had all the qualities I was looking for.
It scared the heck out of me when I realized what was happening.

he proposed I was terrified, but after a sleepless night I realized I
wanted to be with him the rest of my life. I feel truly blessed
and know that God was our matchmaker.


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