A Window Beyond The Soul


As a couple, we would like to thank Catholic Match for this great venue
to meet other Catholic singles that are truly passionate about their
Faith. Through our love of the Catholic faith, Kevin and I developed
that attraction where we see each other beyond our souls, and with this
journey of being husband and wife, we are inspired for our mission to
bring each other and our families to heaven.
Kevin and I (Pam) were so blessed with a beautiful and solemn wedding
ceremony, celebrated on a Tridentine Mass last October 15, 2005 at St.
Thomas More in Chicago. It was a dream come true for both of us!
Kevin #25435, from Chicagoland encountered Pam #15423, who was from the
other side of the world, a Filipina (Philippines) based in Singapore.
It was on February 2004 that Kevin took the initative to write me and say hello, but I didn’t write back just then.

It was early March when I finally wrote a reply, and it started our
exchanging e-mails and the introduction of ourselves. Kevin was so
consistent with his correspondence, and  we endeavored to pick up
the phone around late April. With our consistent contacts, we grew our
friendship and we finally met in person in Singapore, in
July 2004.

On that first meeting, there was so much respect with each other and we
decided to become girlfriend and boyfriend. We knew how long distance
works, because we continued our relationship by our daily e-mailings,
exchanged greetings over the phone at least once a day, and prayed the
rosary together over the phone almost every day. We prayed
before the Blessed Sacrament for God’s will to intervene in our
relationship, and offering it to every celebration of the Holy Mass.

Kevin was an honorable man, and he paid a visit to my parents in my
hometown in the Philippines during December 2004, to let them meet the
man their daughter was dating. It was January 7, 2005 that he proposed
to me for marriage, during his visit in Philippines.

Preparing for the wedding, along with the immigration issues, were the
toughest to plan out, but we gained our strength, hope and inspiration
from our prayers together. Our Lord answered all our prayers, as we
kept in the state of grace, while praying and trusting Him for things to
fall in place in His time and reason.

I arrived in the United States fourteen days away from our wedding
date. Stressful as it sounded, having two weeks to complete the
paperwork requirements from the church, pre-cana and other touches to
prepare a 100-guest wedding reception, made it all possible.
On our wedding day, we were all pleased with everything that happened. We
are now blessed with a beautiful son named Andrew Charles, born last
October 23, 2006. It is so glorious to celebrate Holy Mass (Tridentine
Mass) every Sunday together with our new addition in the family.


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