Better Together


I joined Catholic Match in the spring of last year, the same Emmett
left Kentucky to Jamaica (not the one near Queens, NY) to volunteer at
the diocese for a year. With lots of prayers from my friends that I
could find someone, I came across his profile and it all started from

After two weeks, he flew from Jamaica to see me in New Jersey and
spend the Memorial Day Weekend with me and my friends. A first meeting
is supposed to be "short and sweet", but we were together for more than
just a day and he got to meet my friends for approval.

During summertime, Emmett flew in again. Then on Labor Day weekend,
it was my turn to meet his family in Missouri, and see if they would
approve of me as well. And on Sept. 4th, we got engaged. We have grown
our love for each other, and for God who made everything happen.

On President's Day weekend, Emmett and I will be united in Holy
Matrimony. In spite of the distance and the short time we have known
each other, we know that we are better together.


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