Hitting The Jackpot


After being on Catholic Match for a few years, I hadn't given up on
finding "the one". I did a keyword search last June to check out any
girls from the Regnum Christi movement, of which I am a member. About
eight girls came in the results and one in particular caught my

Gaby had a radiant smile in her profile pic and I read further
seeking out her involvement in the RC movement. She stated that she had
experienced Christ. I reflected on my own, and I knew I had to write
her since she not only had spiritual values but also other qualities.

We made small talk for a month. School started for her and I thought
I'd let her breathe with the other men on the site. Her birthday showed
up a month later and I decided to take another shot and wrote again.
She responded, and from then on she let me know her and vice versa. I
called her only once on the phone and really did not know what to say,
given she was speaking Spanish. I knew I could only tell if she was my
type by meeting her, so I hung up the phone and sent her my flight
itinerary. I think she taken back and wrote something like "what made
you do it?"

I was in southern Mexico Thanksgiving Day with a Plan A and a Plan
B. She showed up…Plan A! And it turned out to be an amazing weekend I
will never forget. It ended with me stealing her kiss in a mountain
town on the popular RC feast day of Christ the King. It was like a
scene out of the movies.

I returned in January, and she became my girlfriend. The third visit
happened when I disembarked the Norwegian Sun from the Western
Caribbean trip in Cozumel and proposed to her on the beach (hid the
ring in a seashell). I know I won the lottery with Gaby. I'm crazy for
her. Te amo.


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