So Many Miracles


Today (Feb 11, 2007) is Vera Lucia’s birthday…so, what better time
than now to get my (Tim) act together and celebrate our love.

We met on Catholic Match, when it was still St. in
August 2002, and went out for three years (she in Rio de Janeiro and I
from Calgary). After prudent long distance courting in the
snow of the Rocky Mountains and the sandy beaches of Brazil, we
finally married in August 2005 (ya-HOOO!).

We are grateful to God for bringing us together–so many miracles, so
much compatibility, so much love–God is good! For those of you who are
seeking–be honest, be patient, be yourself, be prayerful (we said
innumerable novenas and rosaries over the phone) be holy–you're
working too hard doing it yourself. Give God the steering wheel and he
will drive you home to where you truly belong, no matter how
complicated or messed up your life appears…God can do anything.

We wish to thank Catholic Match (formerly St. Raphael) for facilitating God's wonderful plan for Vera Lucia and me.


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