A Leap of Faith


A Leap of Faith

I (Adela) simply want to thank you for your services. On June 20,
2005, I was reviewing my mail when I glanced over and noticed Chester
was online. I read his bio and left him a simple note. Both of us work
in middle schools and that's what our only connection was. We hit it
off but, with much caution. Much later in our writings, we found out
that both our schools use the same school mascot–the tiger!

On Oct. 23, 2005, we decided to add IM and we exchanged our email
addresses. I had a very ill mother and he had a very ill aunt, so that
became another connection. So our notes were long and we poured our
souls out to each other.

Around Feb. 25, 2006, we finally exchanged
phone numbers. I needed to hear from my friend to get me through the
emotional upheaval I was going through with my mother. Sadly, my mother
passed away on Feb. 28, 2006 and Chester's aunt passed away three weeks

We continued emailing and talking on the phone and realized
there was nothing now to stop us from meeting each other. On the 4th of
July, 2006, Chester took that first giant leap of faith and flew to my
city. It was an awkward meeting but we made the best of it. Neither of
us had ever done the "dating scene". We were a confirmed bachelor and bachelorette!
When he went home, I realized I missed him so much. So now it was my
turn to take that giant leap of faith. I went to visit him at the end
of July.

Our love for each other has never been fireworks and giddiness. It's
been very gentle and feeling more like a nice comfortable old shoe. We
have so many similarities and he even loves my two 25 lb. cats, Frick
and Frack. When we meet each other at the airport we each carry our 12"
character dolls-Hoops and Yoyo (Hallmark products). So there we are
hugging each other and people "awing" at us. Hoops stays with me and
Yoyo stays with Chester. Whoseever house we are visiting, Hoops and
Yoyo sit together until separated by the end of the visit. Hoops and
Yoyo even send each other eCards, just like their owners do.

Since I retired from teaching in May, 2006, I have more opportunity to fly. Well, the day after Thanksgiving he proposed (which
is another story) and on Dec. 23, 2006, while visiting me, we went and
bought an "official" engagement ring. (which is another wonderful
story). You see, Chester had sent me a beautiful solitaire ring as our
friendship ring. So I was very surprised when he said he wanted to get
me an engagement ring.

So now I am waiting for Chester to retire at the end of May, 2007,
while planning this wedding. He's moving to San Antonio because he's
fed up with Nebraska weather. Things are kind of up in the air about
living arrangements because we need to sell his house and we need to
buy one here in my city. However, I know that our wedding date is set
for April 12, 2008 in the same chapel (looks more like a cathedral
inside) where I had taken my temporary vows when I was in the convent.
Yes, I was in the convent for nine years and Chester was in the
seminary for about three years. How about that for similarities?

We two old sixtysomethings are going to have around 400 guests
coming! And yes, I am going to wear a bridal gown with a cathedral
train! In fact, the bride's entrance into the chapel is so
beautiful–as the music plays the bride walks down a spiral staircase
to get to
the main church aisle! We originally were going to make it a small
quiet intimate affair but, with the encouragement of so many friends,
it's become a major affair. We are so blessed.

I deeply thank you for helping make the connection. Oh, we now
webcam each other! Our love and prayers to all the singles out there.
For those of you who are just as hesitant as we were we give this
advice–Let God do His job and everything will be okay! 


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