God Does Answer


God Does Answer

God does answer! On September 11th, 2006, God answered the prayers of
myself and Justin. We were waiting for each other for a long time. He
browsed my
profile, and on first glance was not what I was looking for at all. He
had two kids
and I wasn’t looking for that. He was living in Michigan and I wanted
to find someone in Florida. But it is not what we want but what God
has reserved for each of us–and He knew we were meant for each other
despite of those “little” things.

Justin didn’t send me any messages. He just browsed my profile
waiting for God to be the one choosing, because he'd made many mistakes in
the past and he didn’t want another failure. I don’t know what made me
send him a message (I guess I was feeling lonely), but I did even
though he wasn’t what I was looking for, and that would prove to be the most
successful message I have sent in my whole life.

As I said before, I don’t know exactly what pushed me to send
Justin an emotigram but I did and he answered. We emailed each other a
couple of times, and then we went outside of Catholic Match to chat and
see each other through a webcam. In less than five days we were
certain of our love for each other. Our love has grown more and more
each day and we are just waiting for the right moment when God will
bless our relationship at the altar and we can spend the rest of our
lives together.

Don’t be afraid of meeting people through a computer. I always
tell my friends that the computer is just another way of finding
friends, or that special person to share your life with. There is
nothing to be afraid of. Just be careful but never afraid!

A month after we met, he was already coming to Florida to meet
me and it was a great experience. It was like we knew each other for a
long time already and it was only a month. He met my family and he was
surprised the way us Cubans kiss to say “hello” and also “good bye”. He
is American and is not used to so much kissing. I
forgot to tell him about the kissing and he felt strange because he was
not expecting that. For me it was something so natural and usual that I
didn’t realize that it would take him by surprise.

The different language is also a good thing to mention, so you
don’t get discouraged in case you find someone whose native
language is not yours. I spoke English, but as I never practice, it is
kind of poor. He says that my English has improved now that we
have been talking for seven months. However, I still invent words or
idiomatic phrases wrong and we laugh and laugh. One day we were driving
and I told him to “take an eye” on the person who was driving in front
of us. He understood what I meant, but we laughed as I should have
said “keep an eye on him”. He is also learning Spanish with a very
good method. It is fun to hear him talking in Spanish, but it is also a
great feeling to know that he is interested and he wants to communicate
not only with me, but with my family who doesn’t speak English.

When it was my turn to go visit him in Michigan I didn’t feel
any fear (no red flags). I trusted him so much, just as I trust him now and
it was only one more step on our ladder. I met his children and part of
his immediate family and friends, and I felt at home. There is a huge
difference in the weather but I love the cold and appropriate
coats help me overcome it. We have been visiting each other regularly
and we are just waiting for the right moment to be together without so
much traveling and being so far from each other.

Don’t forget to take the temperament test. It gives you
interesting results and then you can compare with your friend. We have
fun and even laugh at each other whenever we behave as a phlegmatic
person. When we took the temperament test provided by Catholic Match we
ended being phlegmatic 25% (Evelyn) and 54% (Justin). According to the
test–"when you ask for their opinion, a phlegmatic will often
say 'I don’t know' or 'whatever you want to do' or even 'I don’t
We are exactly like that and we laugh and call each other phlegmatic
each time one of us says something like that. Heis the one with
more phlegmatic percentage, so it’s my turn to make the final decision
most of the time.

Give Catholic Match a try. Be careful when choosing, but don’t
be afraid of this way of communication. I personally think this is
a very good way of meeting your soul mate because you build your
relationship in communication, which is the #1 factor in success. You
get to know and love the person for what he/she really is, and not only
based on looks or any other feature. Looks are important, but they could
be deceiving and even when you must like what you see, it is more
important to look inside his/her heart and give it time.

We want to thank Catholic Match for letting us meet and we
wish the best to every one of you that is out there trying to reach
for the perfect match. Be patient. Be strong. Don’t lose your
faith. Good things come to those who wait, but go out there and do your
part, and then leave the rest to Him. Let Him choose for you. God does


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    Great story, I can relate. God is great! I praise HIM for that.

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