Someone To Count On


Someone To Count On

Oscar: I'm so happy to have found a very special
person in Emily–my "sweet Em"–thanks to Catholic Match.

I was about to give up after a year of searching. Then I saw a
picture with a sweet smile coming through my computer. It was Emily, who
started sending smilie faces while my membership was reactivated. We started emailing 20 or 25 times per day–kinda like
instant messages to each other. Later we started talking–since September
2005 we have talked two or three times per day. 

I flew to meet sweet Emily and her parents. I did some farm work, which was new for me and a very good experince.
I felt like a cowboy, hahhahha. We've been praying, and after a year,
we are planning our wedding.

I never thought I could find someone
so special and strong in faith and values as Emily. We have so many
things in common, but the most important thing we share is being
Catholic. When we pray and trust in God, he always will put in our way
right person for us. Thank you Lord for giving me a special gift in
and for hearing my prayers, and thank you Catholic Match.

Emily:  I'm very thankful to be a member of the Catholic
Match website, because I have met my fiance Oscar here.  I am
blessed to know such a special guy, from the start
of September of 2005.

Oscar was about to give up on Catholic Match,
until he saw my profile after I'd browsed him and sent him
a smile. We kept on giving smiles back and forth until he finally
paid for a short membership to give me his information, so we could
better contact each other .

We started getting to know each other
each day. We liked each other a lot and we decided
to start discerning. Oscar made plans to come to Wisconsin in
April of 2006, where my parents and I live on an organic dairy
farm. It was a great experience for Oscar to see how I live and
see what my parents are like. He asked me if I would want to be his
girlfriend and I said yes!

I was very impressed with Oscar helping
me do farm work every time I went out. The guys I
discerned in the past would only come out once to do farm work–hahahhaha…so that really showed me that he is there for me and
that I can count on him. I really enjoyed having him come to

Oscar and I started growing closer and the like turned
into love. Four months later, in August 2006, my parents and I wanted
to make a trip out to Virginia where Oscar lived, to meet his family.
The great thing about going in August is that the week we went was
my birthday! That was a great present for me, to spend my birthday
with Oscar and to meet his family. While staying in Virginia we got
to travel to the Washington D.C. area to see some of the tourist sites.
The place that I enjoyed the most was the Immaculate
Conception Shrine of Mary. It is very beautiful.

The evening of my birthday, Oscar planned to meet with his family at a sister's house
to have a meal together. It was neat to meet his family and in talking
to them all, I felt very comfortable. After we ate our meal, there were gifts waiting for me for my birthday from Oscar's
sisters and his mom. I read the cards, opened all the gifts , and thanked them all for giving me
birthday presents. I was surpised to see that the last one given
to me was a gift from Oscar.

He came over to the table and handed me
a gift bag. I thought it was a nice neckalace or earrings, maybe even a
bracelet. When I opened it up I saw
that it was a ring. Oscar came over to me and asked "Emily will
you marry me?" I said "Yes Oscar, of course I will!" My face was
all blushing and one of Oscar's sisters opened a bottle of champange
for the celebration of our engagment. The champange tasted really

I felt very peaceful and happy to know how special our
relationship has come to be through the year of knowing each other.
And Catholic Match, thank you for making this possible for me and
Oscar. We will be celebrating our wedding July 28th of 2007. This
will be a very special sacrament of marriage to share with family
and God, Jesus, Mary, the Saints, Angels and the Holy Spirit.


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