A Beautiful Journey Home


Nadine and I met on this site back in November of 2005. When I browsed her profile, I was so impressed by her
background and faith that I really wanted to get to know her better.

first we sent each other emotigrams, then I sent her a few e-mails
to which she could not reply as she was not a full member.  We
laugh now, but I thought at first that she was not

It is only when we chatted online that I realized that she was not a
full member. We used the chat site twice and it seemed that the
time was just passing by so quickly, even though we stayed online for 4-5 hours at a time, discussing many subjects and

We decided to share our home telephone
numbers. The first time I called her, we
spoke for five hours. We live two hours apart, and we finally
met face to face on December 12, 2005, and spent the whole day
together, which started out with attending Mass, followed by a lunch and walk
together and some sharing of our thoughts, values, interests, and most
importantly our faith.

Our relationship quickly grew and I spent
most Sundays with her, driving back and forth (my car has a
lot more mileage), but it was all worthwhile; and, we also speak
to each other everyday.  I proposed to Nadine in August,
2005–however, we became officially engaged on January 20, 2007 (we
both wear
a wedding band on the right hand to honour her Lebanese
tradition).  Not being Lebanese did not pose a problem for me, as
believe Joseph and Mary did the same when they were engaged and I would
like nothing better than to imitate the Holy Family. 

since we met, we see God's work through us and our relationship. I know God is watching over us and He will bless
our wedding.  We hope to be a living testimony of God's love
for us in our world, and to raise a good Christian family with his

Her background is very rich in tradition, and
family is a very important part of Lebanese heritage.  Although
she has been able to meet my family, who have all given their approval,
I have only been able to speak to her parents by telephone, as they are
still living in Lebanon. I will be meeting them one week prior to
our wedding and I can't wait, as I know she has told them so much about
me during her visit last year to attend her sister's wedding. 

I thank God everyday for her and I am currently counting the days before our wedding. Please
pray for us and all couples that we may always do God's will for our
lives, and serve him and our brothers and sisters with love.

Thank you Catholic Match and keep up the good work.


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