No Second Mistakes


I (Andres) met Monica at Catholic Match on April 7th, 2007. I was
for a relationship of that I was confident would be based on the
reality that faith is the only guarantee for a full life. I didn't want
any other kind of relationship but that which was based
on a mutual love of God and a commitment to follow his will in all the
circumstances of life. I didn't want
to make the same mistake I did with my life 23 years ago–a mistake I
have asked the Church to annul–so I decided that if I was to marry or
have a
relationship with somebody, it would only be one based on my faith, and
I would look for a person who shared my view of common life.

Happily, I can report that I have found that person. Not only
found her, but have received the greatest gift somebody can receive
from his God in life. Monica suits my needs, and the needs of anyone
who wants to serve the Lord through marriage. With only two months of knowing her, I can state that she is the person
that was created for me since I was born–or even before I was
formed in my mother's womb. 

We are eight
thousand km away (I live in Spain and she lives in Colorado). I don't
know why God has made us be so distant, but I can say that this is not
only *not* a difficulty for our total and entire love, but a spur for
to remain more united in the distance. Our separation is means to offer
our Lord as a sacrifice in favor of our love and that of the other
that wish to be close and they can't.

Of course we are going
to marry as soon as we can and are making plans for me to move to the
States. This summer we are going to meet for two weeks. But we are
not afraid of being disappointed–we have the total certainty that our
love has been blessed by that One who allowed us to meet and love with
such intensity.

She is my gift from heaven and suitable help, and she says I am her knight, her St. Joseph.

We must thank Catholic Match to have enabled us to meet, by having such
a wonderful place on the web, where Catholics can feel safe when
looking for somebody to share life with, or simply a friendship with a
guarantee–the guarantee of faith. I hope our story will help others to
find the person they long for, to build a marriage or relationship.


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