The Golden Triangle


Dianne: About two years ago, I joined Catholic Match after
ending a two-year relationship. I wanted to see if good Catholic guys
actually existed. I went on several dates, traveled to three states to
meet people, and even had a casual relationship with someone for a few
months. But nothing really worked out, and I became disheartened with
online dating all together.

Dave: I had originally joined Catholic Match in a “big
brother” capacity, looking out for a friend who expressed interest in
joining. I didn’t expect much from my experience. I didn’t really use
it that much for my own benefit, just mainly for looking at profiles,
sending a few smiles, but not really doing much else, as I only had a
free profile.

Then came a day when I finally realized that it had potential
to be a great avenue to meet a woman with similar beliefs, with whom I
could share a faith journey. I paid for a membership, but still didn’t
get much out of it–of course, you reap what you sow. I had established
a few friendships, but not much else, but I didn’t really invest much
of myself in it. I just thought God would magically guide this person
to view my profile. It was a ridiculous thought. When I had no success,
I came to a point in my life when I really figured it was time to
discern what God’s call for me was. I went inactive for a few months.

Dianne: I actually had deleted half of my profile, when
I got an email from Dave-69581. He and I had written each other about a
year prior, but for whatever reason lost touch. Because I had pretty
much given up on CM, I ignored the first email. But luckily for me, he
was persistent! I got another email that was long and heartfelt, and I
felt obliged to at least send him a response. That was the smartest
thing I’ve ever done! It began a series of emails and a few chat
sessions, and then a first date. We ended up staying up and talking
until three o’clock in the morning, and I fell for him immediately. He
was funny, charming, open, and he really seemed interested in me. Turns
out he was!

After eight months of dating–eight of the best months of my
life–we took a flight to my hometown in Kansas. He used this
opportunity to ask my parents for their blessing to marry me, and later
that evening asked me. In an array of wrapping paper from different
holidays, there was a box that held the most beautiful ring I’d ever
seen. On one knee, he asked me to be his wife. I was completely shocked
and ecstatic, and trembling, Isaid yes! I told him this is the best
thing that’s ever happened to me, and his reply? “Just you wait, it
only gets better!” Envisioning a life with him, I have to agree.

Dave: When I was encountered with a family crisis that
left me without anything to lean on, I leaned on God, and was finally
able to be honest with myself. I decided that I was called to the
married life. At this point, I attempted to re-establish contact with
Dianne-116125, with whom I had e-mailed a year before, but nothing
really came of it. My first e-mail was very vague, and to a point,
cocky. With no response after a day, I followed up that e-mail with a
more open, genuine note. Luckily, she replied to my second note. After
a week of regular e-mailing and occasional chatting, we spoke on the
phone and set up our first date. It was the beginning of the rest of my

We connected in so many ways, and I knew right away she was
something special. Beginning on September 30, our first date, we saw
each other seven out of the next nine days, which was a bit remarkable
considering the Golden Triangle dilemma we face—she lives in Dallas,
while I live in Denton and work 8-hour days in Ft. Worth, each city
about 40 minutes of drive time away in good traffic. It was in that
week and a half that I found God had led me to the one He had planned
for me, though it took her a little longer to figure that out. The more
time we spent together, the more we wanted to spend together. My
spiritual director later said that there was a word for that–spouse.
Within a month, she had come home to meet my family and to celebrate my
grandmother’s birthday with us. (My mom later told me she knew I had
found the one when I brought her home.) We spent Thanksgiving with her
family, and her mom remarked how it seemed we had known each other for
years. She spent part of the Christmas break with my family in Europe,
including a Papal mass on January 1. I gave her a promise ring in
Paris, and over Memorial Day weekend this year, only eight months
later, I replaced that ring with a new one that had a little more

People always told me that when you meet that person that
you’re meant to be with, you just know. I had always worried–what if I
missed the sign? What if I was so caught up in trying to look for
something, that I missed something else? I get it now. I haven’t always
understood God’s plan, but I’ve done my best to accept it. But now I
see where He’s been leading me the whole time. He has blessed me with a
love greater than I ever knew I was capable of experiencing, and in
return, giving.


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    Just got back from this wedding … beautifully Christ-centered.
    I love ya'll!!!

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