The Right One Appears


I (Michael) have always been one to feel that everything happens for
a reason. Though we sometimes never find out what that reason is, God
has a funny way of showing things to us with subtle hints.

I had my Catholic Match profile up for about five months, but
, I never found anyone on the site that really caught my attention. I
haven’t had the best luck in my love life, and so after my last failed
relationship, I decided that I didn’t care if people thought I was
picky–I knew who I wanted to be with and what personality traits I
looked for, and I was not going to settle for anything less. I turned
to CM because all the girls I had previously dated were not Catholic,
and I believe that while you can be there for someone physically and
emotionally, if you can’t be there for someone spiritually then it
doesn’t complete the circle.

To my disappointment however, I didn’t find anyone one the
site. Though I felt CM was a great way for people to meet each other,
it was just not for me. For a month, included in my list of things to
do was cancel my CM membership so that I wouldn’t be charged. But the
day I got on my computer to cancel it, I got side-tracked and ended up
not canceling…and getting renewed for another month. Later that night I
went on the site and thought, what the heck, I might as well check this
out one more time.

I looked through a few profiles and saw a pair of the most
beautiful eyes I have ever seen. I clicked on the profile and was
instantly attracted to every word this girl had written. Not only was
she absolutely beautiful, but she seemed like someone I would be great
friends with. So I sent her a message but had pretty much already
accepted the fact she wasn’t going to reply to the message. To my
surprise, I had a message waiting for me from her that same night. With
every word that I read, my smile grew bigger and bigger. This girl made
me laugh and smile a mile wide in her very first email. She told me I
had actually been in her favorites, but she was too shy to email me…so
she was surprised when I e-mailed her.

We had only been emailing each other for a week but we sent
each other three emails a day. I have always been a big believer in
instant attraction–and there definitely was instant attraction. After
that week, we exchanged phone numbers and our very first phone
conversation was four hours long. The conversation never died, and
there was always something new to talk about. We talked every day for
another week and I looked forward to every time I was able to talk to
her. When I looked down at my phone and saw that she had sent me a text
message, I would get the biggest smile on my face. The brown-eyed
beautiful stranger that I didn’t think would email me back was turning
into the blessing from God I had longed for so long.

We then decided to meet at our favorite place, the beach.
Though I told myself I wasn’t going to be nervous, my heart was
pounding driving up to the parking lot. I parked behind her, took one
last look at myself in the mirror, said a quick prayer and got out of
the car to meet my blessing face to face. As soon as she got out of her
car, my heart smiled five miles wide. She was one of the most beautiful
girls I had ever laid eyes on. The day was amazing, filled with hours
of conversation, chasing each other on the beach, a great dinner,
topped off with watching the sunset. This girl gave me butterflies I
had never felt with anyone else. She was special, she was different,
even though I didn’t know exactly what it was that was different. But a
part of me didn’t care, because the other part knew that it just felt
right. This girl was a stranger, someone I had only known for a couple
weeks, yet we both felt as though we had known each other for years.

We continued to see each other for a couple more weeks, and we
continue on today. Both she and I have experienced rough pastures in
our lives, but eventually, God deemed it ready for her and me to find
each other. Though the reality was that we only had known each other
for a short amount of time, it was as if we had known OF each other
forever. Destiny was just waiting for the right time for us to meet
face to face. She came over my house to meet my mom and dad, and though
she was nervous, I knew she had no reason to be, because my parents,
though tough critics, absolutely adored her. We then came up to meet
her parents–and what I absolutely love is that her parents remind me
of my mom and dad.

She is everything I have ever longed for in a companion, and I
can’t wait to see what the future holds for us. I have never looked
forward to something more than I look forward to my future with Jaime.
She is beautiful inside and out–compassionate, honest, sweet, caring,
thoughtful, funny, intelligent, loving, kind-hearted, she appreciates
the little things in life, and she doesn’t just have a beautiful heart,
but a deep and passionate soul. We could be on the phone for five
hours, or spend an entire day together, but as soon as our voices leave
each other, or our faces go our separate ways, I miss her with
everything that I have inside of me. Ever since the day we first sent
our emails, I have had nothing but good things happen in my life. I
thank God every day for the blessings he has given me, and now I have a
new reason to be thankful–God finally sent me my angel.


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  1. Vladimiro-398172 May 8, 2010 Reply

    WQw beauiful story I will keep you both of you in my prayer> God bless you both

  2. Karolynn-347142 August 9, 2008 Reply

    WOW! hwat an amazing story!!!! i wish you guys the best of luck!!! :veryhappy:

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