A Miracle From Kansas To Kentucky


Jim and I (Mary) agreed that we want to announce our miracle story
with the members of CM. We are just sending this announcement because
we believe God, in his most loving way has brought us together here,
and we have made a commitment to each other. We are planning on

We are widows and started sharing our stories over three months
now. We started by sending emotigrams, and just sharing in a simple
daily email our hellos and concern for one another. We wanted first to
be friends. Both of us identified with each other so well about the
loss of a spouse, and over the weeks of sharing we saw we were
faithfully emailing each other in the morning, in the middle of the day
and again in the evening. We started realizing that what we were
sharing was getting more serious and found that the miracle we both
were praying for was slowly happening between us.

We have a week planned to be together and meet family. We are
so committed to each other now that we know our friendship has turned
to a deeper relationship and we both desire marriage with each other.
We both have a desire to support our Catholic faith and want so much to
share the Mass with each other and make it the center of our journey
and focus of our lives.

We are asking for your prayers and want to let you know that
God's unconditional love has so blessed our lives. Miracles do happen
and for those of you still waiting keep trusting and praying God wants
nothing more but for goodness and happiness in your lives. Look for an
update to follow. God bless you for reading our story and for your

Update, December 2007: We have a wedding date set for January 19,2008. We both are so much anticipating the reality of our lives to be united through our special day in about three weeks.  I have been moving to Kansas and we have been through some tuff times already as we renovate his house in Kansas to accommadate my handicap daughter and I have found work there. We just went through the worse ice storm in Kansas in ten years, and this past weekend just when we got the electric back on, we were hit with nine inches of snow. Luckily we have heat and can see to plug along with the renovations. 

We have so much to  be grateful for. Last year at this time Jim spent Christmas all alone, as his family lives out of state and I was dealing with my mother and sister both dying of cancer. My mother died on Dec.27 and my sister on Feb.2. So this Miracle that Jim and I have been blessed with just is by all means God's way of blessing our lives after we both have experiencing great loss in one of the worse years of our lives.  

You can share the GOOD NEWS with those who are still searching for the blessing of a soul mate and a happy ending to a lonely past.  I recommend prayer, prayer and more prayer topped off with an abundance of trust and faith that God gives us what we need when we need it the most. Total trust in divine providence. Searching needs hope and believing we never walk alone. Truly we both believe we have angels in heaven who are watching over us and through God grace and love united our hearts. When Jim and I opened the doors of communication to one anther last May we both know only God could have been the one to give us this brand new life. MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR to all who read our story!!  


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