CM Nation Goes Ethnic


This summer, the showcase event of Catholic Match Nation was the
blowout bash in Chicago in July. Looking ahead to autumn calendar one
sees the third rendition of CM Boston ahead. But right smack in between
these events in the nation’s third and fourth largest cities, are a
trio of events in the midmajor cities. For Indian summer, Catholic
Match Nation is going to go down-to-earth with a little ethnic flavor,
as Baltimore, Milwaukee and Pittsburgh welcome their guests with open

Baltimore leads off
this trifecta, with an event that will get
on early start on Wednesday, August 8. The city on the Inner Harbor has
been historically dubbed the “city of neighborhoods”, with each
neighborhood having its own distinctive ethnic flair. The group will
enjoy some good Irish grub at downtown Mick O’Sheas on Friday night
before sauntering over to Camden Yards to take in a baseball game. The
home park of the local Orioles made history in 1992 when it was
unveiled, as it was the first park to be built in a traditional style,
while retaining all the modern amenimties. It was an architectural
style that could be dubbed “cutting-edge traditional” and it ushered in
a revolution in stadium construction around the country. CMers will
reap the benefits on a pleasant Friday evening at the park.

The organizer of CM Baltimore is Michelle-50109 and from her
own experience in traveling to other events, she worked to put together a
weekend that would be easy on the budget of travelers. Those that
arrive on the Maryland shores will have the good fortune to stay in a
comfortable hostel, at about ¼ of the price of what typical hotel rooms
can run. Her guests will be able to use their money to enjoy the city
throughout the weekend, including going to the Top of the World
Observation deck, visiting Baltimore’s own World Trade Center and then
wrapping it all up with Mass at one of the city’s historic cathedrals.

There’s no rest for the CM travelers, as Milwaukee is around
the corner the very next weekend. This is a city known for its rich
Germanic heritage, but it’s the Irish side that will shine for this
weekend. Indeed, no event wears its ethnicity on its sleeve like this
one, officially dubbed “CM Irishfest.” Milwaukee is host to the largest
Irish festival in the country. Set on the beautiful shores of Lake
Michigan, a visitor can seemingly walk forever through the stages where
the musicians come to perform. From traditional Irish musicians like
Tommy Makem, to the current stars like Gaelic Storm and Leahy,
Irishfest is to the ethnic festival what Camden Yards is to baseball—an
exquisite blend of tradition and modernity. Visitors to Milwaukee will
also get to take in the spirituall beauty of a pilgrimage to Holy Hill
and follow it up with a visit to the majestic basilica of St.
Josaphat’s on the city’s south side.

No discussion of down-to-earth, ethnic towns is complete
without a discussion of Pittsburgh. And the calendar of Catholic Match
Nation couldn’t be complete without CM Steel City . Much like Baltimore,
the old steel town is a city of neighborhoods, with its Irish, Polish
and Slovakian contingents. And if you come to Pittsburgh, you surely
want to go to Little Italy to eat! Pittsburgh is also rich in Catholic
culture, and one of the activities planned is a visit to St. Anthony’s
Chapel, home to the largest relic collection outside the Vatican.
Travelers can also ride the Mount Washington Incline, a ride that takes
you to a view of the city from somewhere right next door to Heaven. If
you can’t fall in love with Pittsburgh from this spot, check your
pulse. Like all CM events, the Steel City gathering wraps it up with
Sunday Mass in a historic cathedral.

The events in the nation’s largest
cities are rightfully popular. But as late summer and early fall
beckon, don’t overlook this trio of cities, rich in heritage and
waiting with open arms.


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