Pray, Hope & Don’t Waver


In May 2006, Erik & Becky submitted the following success

Erik and I feel so blessed to have
found each other. We both know this wouldn't have been possible without the
help of CatholicMatch and God's grace.

August, 2005- Erik sent me a
friendship invite and I was thrilled to say the least! For two months, we got
to know one another via email and phone calls. Not knowing where it would lead,
I steadily prayed for Erik and God's will be done in our friendship.

October, 2005- Erik and I went had our
first date. In that amount of time we discussed many important issues:
marriage, family, religion, saints, etc… As he said, most don't talk about
things of this nature until their engaged.

Here we are, almost six months later,
and couldn't be happier. We seem to grow closer all the time. Most importantly,
we continue to pray for our relationship and stay connected to God's will for
each of us. It seems God continues to answer many prayers.

Please pray for myself and Erik as we
continue to pray for all of you! Thanks CatholicMatch! God Bless!

That was one year ago.  In the time since then, Becky and I (Erik) have grown
even closer. We live about an hour apart, so many a night was spent on the
phone talking, praying the rosary, or the chaplet. We don't see each other
except on weekends, but that makes our time spent together all the more

Over the past year, we have grown closer and closer every day.  Each day,
I feel like I couldn't possibly love her any more, and everyday, I wake up, and
realize, I do. Our journey has taken us on many trips; to parties,
celebrations, Catholic Family expos, Ravens, Wizards and Orioles games,
Masses, meetings with Fathers Pavone and Groeschel, and late nights watching 24
and Father Corapi on EWTN.  But all the while, we stayed focused on the
Lord, and it is through His Providence we found each other. 

Becky has the family I would want as my own, and mine, hers. Her parents
laid the groundwork for a beautiful, devout, Catholic woman, and their hard
work has paid off. I look forward to their example in raising my own
family soon. I owe much to my mother for setting the amazing example
of the Catholic woman God wanted in my life. 

I proposed to Becky on May 7th, under the guise of tasking her to an
outdoor concert.  Actually, I was just surprising her with a hot-air
balloon ride over western Maryland. And
at 723 feet, I asked her to be my wife, to which she said
"yes!"  (Otherwise, it would have been the slowest, most awkward
descent to earth, EVER…)

We'd both like to thank, and more importantly, God, for
bringing us together. To anyone still looking for the person God has
chosen, have faith, pray, be persistent, and don't waiver in the things you
want in your spouse.  God always provides to us when we do His will.

Have not I commanded thee? Be strong and of a good courage; be not afraid,
neither be thou dismayed: for the Lord thy God is with thee whithersoever
thou goest. 

– Johsua, Chapter 1, Verse 9

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