CM Nation Goes West


As the calendar turns into the fourth quarter of 2007, the eyes of Catholic Match Nation turn west in the search for action and fellowship. After a summer bash in Chicago, an ethnic tour of Baltimore, Milwaukee and Pittsburgh and an early fall in Boston, attention can now be directed to the western frontier. A two-week period at the end of October and the beginning of November will usher in a historically intense period of activity of CM Gatherings for members able to get to Texas, Arizona and California.

The weekend of October 19th is when it starts with two events that same weekend. Down in the deepest part of Texas, right on the Gulf of Mexico, CMers will gather for “Texas Jazz Fest .” The festival has roots going back over forty years now, and it will showcase upwards of fifty different bands, including the best young talent out of the nation’s high schools and universities. Over 50,000 people can be expected to attend this great celebration of jazz. The event will be the first time since early 2006 that Catholic Match Nation returns to the Lone Star State. It is surely appropriate that is in the town named for the Body of Christ—Corpus Christi.

That same weekend, traveling a little further westward, you can find CMers converging one of the seven natural wonders of the world. Members will start the journey in Sedona and from there go hiking in the Grand Canyon . This will truly be an opportunity for roughing it, as it were, as they camp outdoors before making it back to Phoenix for Sunday Mass. A notable feature of recent months has been increased activity among CM members in Arizona, starting with a monthly mixer. This weekend at the Grand Canyon looks to usher in a new era of Catholic Match life in the desert.

From here, Catholic Match Nation moves out and up into the Golden State. On October 27th, CM Disneyland goes down. An event that appeared quietly on the calendar and gradually gained steam, now looks to be attracting members from across the country for this one-day visit to one of America’s renowned entertainment sources. Disneyland features eight different sections of its park, taking visitors from the jungle to the western frontier, even to 19th century New Orleans. CM members get the unprecedented opportunity to take them all in together.

This great westward tour wraps up the first weekend in November at Yosemite Park . One year ago, CMers gathered here, and it proved to be a memorable weekend that was chronicled in 4marks Magazine. In ’06, attendees let the fire of God’s love and beauty fall upon them, and they return to the same venue in 2007. They can explore the Valley in take in an environment of unsurpassed beauty. Early November will be a perfect time to watch the season’s change before their eyes and see God’s handiwork unfold. The grant for Yosemite Park was granted in 1864, when Abraham Lincoln overruled his generals, who believed the resources were needed to win the Civil War. Lincoln knew that one day the war would be over, and man would need beauty to look at. CM members will benefit from that foresight again this November.

Seeing God’s handiwork unfold and finding beauty to observe amidst a sorely troubled world, is perhaps the underlying theme for this entire quartet of events. Members come together in the real world, and not just online to meet and form friendships that help pave the way for them to find the love of their life. This four weeks are the most sustained activity Catholic Match Nation has seen west of the Mississippi River. It represents new hope for fun and fellowship for all beyond the western frontier.



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