Should I Walk By Again?


Should I Walk By Again?

Ever heard of CM DC? How about CM Chicago? CM Boston?

How about CM Chicago I, II & III? CM DC I & II? CM Boston II & III…

Or CM Cleveland I, II & III. Or CM St. Louis on St. Patrick's Day, I & II?  

You get the picture.

When event organizers on singles sites plan events, some of these events tend to take a life of their own and celebrate birthdays. As an event organizer who originally had no intentions of planning more than one event but found myself continually being asked about when the next one was going to be (ack, peer pressure)–there are many reasons why, despite the logistical nightmares, sudden emergencies and Murphy’s law rearing its ugly head more often than I’d like, I continue to plan events for DC Metro denizens and those who want to travel to this lovely area.

Many recurring events are held in the bigger cities, presumably because they have more places of interests and more choices in terms of restaurants, entertainment, and the like. Variety is, as often touted, the spice of life. Since event planning involves a lot in terms of logistics and advanced organizing, why would the organizers want to subject themselves to this yearly torture?

People enjoy these events and they get progressively better. Face it, meeting people online through the forums, chat and emails are good, but there is nothing like the breathing, talking being that you’re about to meet. Once you find that one of your online friends is coming to an event, it’s almost like a physical push to seal the deal of friendship. Every year that an event is held, lessons learned from previous events help to fine-tune the next ones.

Safe haven

Meeting people through events that occur yearly helps reassure us that they are “normal” people, and seeing how someone interacts in social situations gives us a better idea whether to pursue a relationship, platonic or romantic, with him/her. For many who are shy or uncomfortable with the idea of meeting up face-to-face on a one-on-one with a person you’ve only corresponded previously in print with, meeting up in a group helps to dispel the immense pressure that comes with meeting someone for the first time.

Going to events held annually is like having a class reunion and you get to reunite with people you've enjoyed activities with. Sure you know Carl, Tracy, Rod, and Michelle from one event and enjoyed their company. When else will you get an excuse to see them again? Once you find out that the people you’ve met from a past event are attending the next one, it gives you more of an incentive to attend it again.

Those who weren't able to go the previous year still have a chance to join in the fun. Bummed that you weren’t able to meet all of your online friends in one fell swoop because your parents were going to be in town? Or your friend whom you haven’t seen in ten years is coming to visit? Maybe you didn’t have enough money saved up for the trip? Take heart–there’s always next year.


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  1. Alex-285308 March 27, 2008 Reply

    Good article, Anya. I agree 100% about your thoughts on meeting face-to-face. Maybe one of these days I'll plan a CM regional event myself! Or, better yet, join one already in the works! 😉 Thanks for all you do!

  2. Terrie-253955 January 22, 2008 Reply

    Great article, Anya. Thanks for all the effort in planning the events and writing the article. God bless you.

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