CM Gatherings: The Year In Review


In mid-December, the Catholic Match community will converge on Washington D.C. for Christmas In The Capitol. The event will give members the chance to usher in the Christmas season in the heart of the nation’s capital for the second straight year, and it will also bring to a close the CM Gatherings calendar of 2007. As the year winds down, perhaps now is a good time to look back on all the great events that took place and to honor the members who selflessly gave of their time to plan them.

–The CM community in D.C. didn’t just end the year, they helped start it as well. The March for Life in January was the focal point of a series of events in the first part of ’07. Also included, were get-togethers on Valentine’s Day and for springtime’s Cherry Blossom Festival, as Anya-134962 continued to work to provide chances for members to meet and make friends.

–A group of CM members gathered in West Virginia to do a little skiing.The trip was highlighted by Edward-4511, a.k.a.,” Zoom”, zooming down the slopes in his wheelchair-ready skis. Zoom’s zest for life remain an inspiration to all who have met him at different events, and there was surely no more appropriate person to send CM Nation “Zooming Into ’07.

–Where better to be come wintertime then Florida? Sue-82886, inspired by her visit to CM Chicago in ’06, opened the doors of Tampa/St. Petersburg to the Catholic Match world. A little fishing and a little time on the beach were the perfect getaway for those looking to escape the cold, and the perfect way for the Sunshine State to hold its biggest event to date. And for those northerners who couldn’t manage a trip south, there was something waiting closer to home. CM Philly was a grand weekend of live Irish music and fellowship, courtesy of Jennifer-185601.

–The start of March saw Catholic Match Nation take on an international flair. Across the Pacific in the Philippines, Jane-56857 got a group of her countrymen and women together. It was the first formal event outside the United States, though it will surely not be the last.

–St. Louis isn’t the first name most people think of when Irish cities come to mind. But it was the greener then the Land of Oz this St. Patrick’s Day. Mary Kathryn-177850 got her Irish up and staged St. Patrick’s Day in St. Louis. And the sequel is on the board for 2008.

–CM Cleveland had gotten started in 2006 and they followed up with another success in ’07. Daniel-139057 delivered an event that included the Rock-N-Roll Hall of Fame, Jacobs Field and a night at one of the Midwest’s finest Irish pubs. Next spring, Cleveland will join its big-market brethren in Chicago, D.C. & Boston in hosting an event for the third straight year

–The third weekend in June was a busy one. Hidden away on the coast of New England is the beautiful city of Providence. By the end of this weekend it was hidden no more, as John-43975 and Rachel-137756 took members on a little vacation by the sea. Back in the heart of the Rustbelt, other members were gathering in Toledo. Patrick-33034 brought them together for a fun time that included an outdoor concert, minor league baseball and a visit to the famous Tony Packo’s for dinner. And just one week later, everyone was gathering in the land where romance springs eternal—for the second straight year, Rose-8301 organized CM Niagara Falls.

–No recap of the year is complete without a mention of Chicago’s Blowout Bash in July. It was a smashing success for the third straight year. The event, organized by Tracy-57589, nearly touched the century mark in attendance and solidified its reputation as the benchmark event in the Catholic Match world.

–CM Gatherings aren’t just for your major metropolis areas. They belong in the open air of Big Sky Country. And Leslie-63112 hosted CM Montana for the second straight year. A group went out hiking, mountain climbing, fishing and enjoying the great outdoors. Next year, Montana will be another event that goes for the trifecta. If you'd like to take a ride down the river, book your calendar for June 2008. 

Three cities with rich ethnic roots came up for the late summer and early fall. Baltimore, Milwaukee and Pittsburgh were on the board, with a visit to Irish pubs and festivals on tap for each one, along with a touring of local attractions.

–For the third straight year, CM members found autumn in New England to their liking. Becky-68929 put on CM Boston, an event that included an evening at Faneuil Hall, a drive up the scenic New England coast, and a walk down Freedom Trail.

–For the most part, CM Gatherings have had a tilt toward the East. That was rectified in the latter part of the year. Patti-208825 invited the membership to Texas for CM Jazz Fest at Corpus Christi. That same weekend, Charles-241798 took members hiking in the Grand Canyon. Still other members went to the west coast to join Ruanne-19340 for the CM Disneyland Social. And on the first weekend of November, for the second straight year, members spent a weekend in Yosemite.

That brings us to the coming Christmas In The Capitol and the end of the line. Some gatherings were big, were small. But at each one, a good time was had by all. And with that weak attempt at rhyme, Catholic Match Nation draws down the curtain on 2007, and looks forward to even better things in ’08.


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  1. MaryAnn-13412 December 20, 2007 Reply

    Actually…There have been 2 previous formal CM International Events. Both in the United Kingdom. CM UK I Stratford Upon Avon June of 2005 and CM UK II Manchester May of 2006.
    Both were posted events attended by US and UK members. :0)

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