Honesty The New Rule


I've met a lot of women in the chatrooms at Catholic Match.  In fact, I was focused on meeting someone in the U.S., although I was in the Philippines. My family is in the States, and I was looking at living there for good.  Nevertheless, I was open to anything. When I saw Eden's picture, I was enthralled and thought,"This lady is lovely and young, would she like me?"

We eventually got in touch, chatted a while, and finally met up. My first impression was that she was nice and very cool. We met up near their church and had dinner. I had just celebrated my birthday, so I insisted that, while it was not a date, I'd treat her and her companion friend. 

It took sometime before we met up again. I was preoccupied with work and other things. I'm a movie buff, so when we did get together, I took her to the theatre. There was nothing special on it but since then we continued to go out. 

There was something about her that attracted me. She was just exactly the opposite of my dream wife. But I fell in love with her. All our past just met togetherm and God matched us together so that we'll understand each other well and make a relationship work. I was never totally honest to any woman I dated except with her. And that has continued to be the rule for our relationship…honesty.

We got engaged in January, earlier than my planned proposal on Valentine's Day.  But for me, it did not matter. I knew she was the woman I am going to be with for the rest of my life.


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